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  1. Who are you even talking about Okay, I know Austin is ridiculous sometimes, but he was clearly talking about Del Rio just like everyone else was until that one other post. Just because he doesn't usually make sense, you don't have to pretend he's incoherent when what he says actually makes sense for once.
  2. That Tamina-angry mom thing is so *censored*ing true
  3. Which is a shame because while she may not be the best person in-ring, she's great at portraying a character and could do wonders in a non-wrestling role. I'm pretty sure she's just a stupid bitch without "portraying" anything... Gen speaks the truth. Zack Gowen was great at portraying a wrestler with one leg, because he was a wrestler with one leg. Cameron was great at portraying a stupid bitch, because she was a stupid bitch. I love how we all see eye to eye here
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