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  1. Haven't seen ROH since May, but I got tickets for the show tonight and it looks like a pretty sweet card.
  2. Who are you even talking about Okay, I know Austin is ridiculous sometimes, but he was clearly talking about Del Rio just like everyone else was until that one other post. Just because he doesn't usually make sense, you don't have to pretend he's incoherent when what he says actually makes sense for once.
  3. That Tamina-angry mom thing is so *censored*ing true
  4. Which is a shame because while she may not be the best person in-ring, she's great at portraying a character and could do wonders in a non-wrestling role. I'm pretty sure she's just a stupid bitch without "portraying" anything... Gen speaks the truth. Zack Gowen was great at portraying a wrestler with one leg, because he was a wrestler with one leg. Cameron was great at portraying a stupid bitch, because she was a stupid bitch. I love how we all see eye to eye here
  5. Besides Cole, The Kingdom isn't worth anything more than TNA tbh. Maria's ok. I respectfully disagree. Cole is obviously rad as *Censored*, Maria is smokin', and Bennett is just passable, but I hate Taven. A step above literal trash. Anyways, loved the show. Lethal and Styles was match of the night, but I also totally loved O'Reilly and Cole. Good show all around, only part I didn't like was Moose vs. Elgin.
  6. Believe its still a open contract. Yea its just 11 PM now. Damn, that's a serious blow for their ratings. Why on Earth would DA do that?
  7. How come ROH never comes to Massachusetts anymore? They used to come to my town once in a while, but I was like six years old and didn't know it existed. I've been waiting for it for a while, but I feel like they hang around the middle of the country and Tennessee/Georgia a lot. Are there other areas they don't go to often also? Are they not profitable regions maybe? I don't know, I'm just wondering. I imagine it just isn't as popular around the Northeast (and the west coast??).
  8. I'm so excited for that! Is it going to be an ippv or a tv episode?
  9. This is so god damn accurate and so funny at the same time. Best post I've seen since coming to this site!
  10. God damn, that sounds *censored*ing incredible
  11. I am DEMANDING vengeance on the KRD. Last week was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments in my life as a wrestling fan.
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