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  1. I wish the in game stars could easily be removed instead of leaving them in the inactive list so every time you download a CAW you have to scroll past them to find the people you want.
  2. Yeah...I mean, it seemed pretty straight forward. Very basic face and body language...in addition to the blatant prickish things that he was saying...including a line about keeping a man's widow as a slave or something along those lines... Don't play GTA V then cos you'd hate having to play as Trevor because of all the dick things he does.
  3. If only the gameplay was like the first 5 seconds of the video.
  4. Allowed for a lot of customization. Honestly, 2K17 allows for better customization than Fire Pro ever did...so I'm failing to understand comments like "never going back to WWE games". For its time, a game like Fire Pro Returns just allowed a lot of stuff that other games didn't. You could make custom ring aprons, logos, etc. Now that stuff is all commonplace. So...yeah, I'm not sure what people are on about... That said, the simple gameplay of FPWR was definitely fun in its own right...but it was very limited. I think people would just complain about the limitations within a week of the new game coming out, tbh... New game should be fun if it resembles the classic style...but it's definitely not a replacement for WWE. It had more moves than WWE 2K17 will ever have.
  5. Continuing my run of 1990 WCW TV Programming!

  6. Assassins Creed Syndicate but christ is it Buggy. Glitch after Glitch!
  7. Krad can you clear your PMs so I can message you as I have Rodney from MSP Tattoo References that you was after!

    1. iamthedoctor


      Either that or check them out on smacktalks.

  8. Continuing my run of 1999 WWF TV Programming!

  9. As long as the guy from THQ comes on here and reads that we want sd vs raw controls and not a crappy arcady no ref 3 button combo finisher and hardly match types where we cant freely pick up weapons instead of going through some rubbish combo to use it.

    It dont take a genius to realise that had Legends of wrestlemania had the same style as sd but with improved graphics it would of be...

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