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  1. Id be glad if they ditched Online altogether and went back to how it used to be inviting a friend over. My local gameshop has 3 copies all at £25 each.
  2. Tito Santana! The guy was in the first 8 Manias well 9 if you count the dark match.
  3. What pissed me off was they changed the rewards in Battleground so if you lose no lower Tier cards and you cant get get Titan cards so I quit playing.
  4. I can't complain with a Titan Rock.
  5. I didnt even bother playing this RTG. Just lost interest because Lana is the weakest Monster Female card.
  6. But when you are in Titan Tier those cards seem useless.
  7. That would upset alot of people if they just rendered every season mode cards useless. But I do agree. They did it with S1 cards when S2 came out and I liked it.
  8. I lost interest in this RTG and probably could have gotten the Titan if I wanted to but now TBG lets you get Titan cards relatively easy thats all im interested in.
  9. Got Adam Cole Titan from Battleground.
  10. Braun Strowman forced down our throats! I got a Beast and Monster card of him!
  11. Like those crappy xmas ones were. Complete waste of time. Ill just stick them into training my Titan cards.
  12. With Xbox though they are porting a ton of games from the 360 something PS4 probably wouldnt do without charging you. That's literally what they do lol. They have PS3 games playable on PS4 but it costs you £15 a month. Also you have to stream them, they don't DL to your console and save files don't carry over between them. So when I had a game on PS3, the saves wont work on the PS now version (or the other way round if you decide to actually buy the game) Yeah but its annoying. I hate having to rebuy stuff I already own. Plus I want a game to play offline sometimes not have to have a internet connection to stream it.
  13. Finally got in Titan Tier last night. I hate it when you get weak cards and can't get in the Tier but thankfull Roddy Piper Monster Pro did it.
  14. Don't be all pleased for that. The Wallet Warriors still get a huge advantage with Heroic mode where they get stronger cards.
  15. With Xbox though they are porting a ton of games from the 360 something PS4 probably wouldnt do without charging you.
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