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  1. Id be glad if they ditched Online altogether and went back to how it used to be inviting a friend over. My local gameshop has 3 copies all at £25 each.
  2. Tito Santana! The guy was in the first 8 Manias well 9 if you count the dark match.
  3. Yeah...I mean, it seemed pretty straight forward. Very basic face and body language...in addition to the blatant prickish things that he was saying...including a line about keeping a man's widow as a slave or something along those lines... Don't play GTA V then cos you'd hate having to play as Trevor because of all the dick things he does.
  4. This what im undecided on what to get. R7 is 23.99 R4/5/6 Bundle is 10.51 Alough they have a bundle on 4/5/6 & Revelations for 33 quid but dont think thats really worth it. Im sure ive seen cheaper offers on ebay.
  5. At the moment its on PC for £23.99 till Monday so just debating whether to buy it or get Fire Pro Wrestling instead.
  6. Is Resident Evil 7 any good? Ive seen it on sale for half price and wondered if its worth picking up. I thoroughly enjoyed the original Trilogy on the PSX and Code Veronica on the PS2. Wasent a huge fan of the 4th game alough was ok and 5 was a tad annoying with that girl getting in the way but I did enjoy what I played. 6 I just couldnt get into found it a bit too dark the lighting on the game. Ive not tried revelations at all so wondered how 7 is. Ive heard its first person and I have always hated those type of games, I prefer the how the original games were that were action and you can see what your character does so thought id ask.
  7. How do you get back into GTA 5? Since playing Sleeping Dogs controls I just cant get back into GTA anymore.
  8. http://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=109356 Well, this is interesting. This is possibly the last chance we could get to see WWE up their game and make things interesting.
  9. Man thats awesome Bo did Golden Axe. You missed part 2 though. My fav episode has been Rollins doing Turtles in Time.
  10. Assassins Creed Syndicate but christ is it Buggy. Glitch after Glitch!
  11. What bugged me with the last game is why they made it so you couldnt play as the bosses like Goro and Khan. People who hack their consoles can play as them so why not everyone.
  12. Not mine but found these on the net and thought id share.
  13. Its easy to just make the game more kid friendly just skip all cut scenes with the volume on mute and no subtitles. The F's were a little OTT. Im currently on one of Trevs missions the one after you fly the helicopter and wondered where the stock market is. I couldnt find it and fancy making some cash pretty quickly.
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