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  1. I don't think it looks good, but I do like the fact that they have the "E" in there. How many company's just have two of their three letters in the logo? The NFL logo isn't "NF" The NBA logo isn't "NB" etc..
  2. I just wanted to justify buying a racist's figure
  3. I get that, but I can separate the character from the person. And all he did was say some words, he didn't kill anyone like Benoit. Plus, other than Daniel Bryan, Sting and a handful of other guys who seem like genuinely good people, I bet the majority of wrestlers are scumbags. Randy Savage used to emotionally abuse Elizabeth. He'd lock her in the dressing room, wouldn't let her leave the house.. he treated her like crap. Austin actually did beat his wife. If you hear Debra telling the story, it's haunting. Michael Hayes has actually been suspended before by WWE for saying racist comments. Hell, the Ultimate Warrior seems like the biggest asshole in the history of the planet, there's videos of him online making racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy Savage, Warrior, and Austin in WWE video games and whatnot. Like I said, the majority of wrestlers are probably scumbags. I just choose to be a fan of the character, not the person.
  4. Since we won't be getting anymore Hogan figures, possibly ever, I'm thinking of buying this pack if I can find it for a reasonable price:
  5. I was looking at this picture, it kind of legit ruined my day 9 of the 20 are gone:
  6. Something I threw together, 30 years of WWE:
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