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  1. The million dollar challenge is a smart marketing ploy. Either way I'm interested to see what the rules are and what the mode is we have to beat. The hardest part is probably going to be making a promo.
  2. Going through the character models and they look really good. I didn't get 2k15 & 16 for Xbox 360 last time so I wouldn't know but some models look like the PS4/XB1 counter parts, eg John Cena & Randy Orton. Essentially like playing the game on the lowest graphical settings on a PC.
  3. The things you have to do to unlock stuff is pretty crazy and most of them don't make sense, gonna be a big grind.
  4. Played a few hours and I'm surprised how decent the game looks for the most part. It has all the new additions(roster,entrance animation,moves etc) except the new features found on the current gen. If only they kept all the previous creation modes from 2K14. I don't know why they got rid of them to begin with I'm sure the 360 is capable of running them. I suppose they removed it so both new and old gen have evened out features, and the old gen being the oldest gets less stuff. I bet if the features weren't removed it'll give the current gen a run for its money, even if they didn't change much and rehashed the features, the more the merrier. Not trying to bash the current gen(I own both current gen console's), but I preferred the arcade style and just wish it was more like the older games.
  5. I'm surprised that looks really good, didn't expect much but it exceeded my expectations. Hopefully these new additions aren't just the focus and the previous gameplay elements are also improved.
  6. Alright I'm pretty hyped right about now, 2K17 so far sound pretty promising. The return of backstage and crowd areas is sweet as. My main concern is hopefully the frame rate drops and lag is fixed for matches with 6 superstars. And also, although this is probably not going to happen since 2K are going for the realistic approach but the return of all the match types from 2K14 would be nice. Story Designer & Create-A-Finisher would also be great additions to see again. Hopefully this is just a taste of what's to come.
  7. Graphics look good, all I want to see is gameplay improvement's and new additions all round.
  8. The way I see it, people left or either got banned. I look at the active members sometimes and its so low. But there's something about CAWs that isn't like any other website and keeps me coming back.
  9. Yeah targeting is horrible.
  10. It did but that one was a weird iOS port. I'd imagine these are better. And they do seem to be after watching gameplay. Wouldn't mind re-playing the storys.
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