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  1. I never do them. Do you get anything special for it?
  2. It isn't really worth it. I'm just waiting on the MKX Komplete Edition if they do release it. Would get everything at half the price or something.
  3. Racked up 60k in Koins with double koin weekend. I should be set to get majority of the unlocks.
  4. Kinda feel like watching TNA again.. kinda miss it for some reason.
  5. Badass everywhere. And every time I see this movie, all I think of is this: https://youtu.be/1tGXEATdxIc?t=27s
  6. Damn titanium symbol. Nvm just got it.
  7. Had a funny Test Your Luck experience online. One of the modifiers was electric ground so we'd both got hit every 5 seconds or so by electricity. Anyway I hit my x-ray early, he then hits his after. Only when he was hitting his he was losing health at the same time from the electricity. He had low health from my x-ray so when he finished his he just fell down and I got up. I won the match.
  8. Damn kinda makes me want to finish MK9. Seems like shit went down.
  9. Playing MKX story but didn't finish MK9 story but I'm only on chapter 1 for MKX btw.
  10. 2+ months.. Huh.. Were you around for the first Bethlehem, PA taping/shows and the first NYC shows? If not... then yes.. it has changed. Focus is now on WRESTLING. I saw the first NYC taping, I remember catching Hardys/Wolves/3D match a little down the track and caught when Bully put Dixie through the table. That's about it, I might just watch the latest episode and see for myself.
  11. So I boycotted TNA for what, almost 2+ months now. I bet it hasn't changed one bit.
  12. What was that match where the referee was constantly saying "This is not you John!" Was it Wyatt/Cena? Because that shit was so cringe worthy.
  13. Legit awesome stuff dude, I'm a fan.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/user/THISisMADDNES69 I mainly record online WWE2K14 matches, recently I have been showcasing the SvR 2010 hackers haven hack. Check it out if you wish and let me know.
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