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  1. It did but that one was a weird iOS port. I'd imagine these are better. And they do seem to be after watching gameplay. Wouldn't mind re-playing the storys.
  2. Sick. Pretty expensive for old games though. $22 each for AU. I'll wait for a sale.
  3. I enjoyed all the BO games but this felt too much like AW 2 and I didn't like AW at all. Apparently the story is like BO1 and zombies js always great. But that doesn't justify it for full retail price for me. I'll get it when it's on sale.
  4. R* Editor is solid, glad they also included Director Mode. Going to def have some fun with that. And the free mode jobs are cool, even though I only played it for a few minutes. They seem like it'll keep you playing for a while.
  5. Wonder if the Rockstar Editor is coming with that pack.
  6. Yeah I'm talking about San Fierro & Las Venturas.
  7. Hate to say it but this game is a little disappointing. If it had the full GTA SA map with more activities, places to visit and things to do it would be better.
  8. I like videos like that, really interesting. In fact search Vadim M on YouTube. He has quite a bit of findings for all the other GTA games also.
  9. Thought I'd get GTA IV on steam as well, while I wait for good mods on GTA V and damn they either don't reduce prices or something. There asking for $70 for the complete edition.
  10. These packs are an obvious way to get the players with hacked money. Ridiculous pricing. I'd expect this to be just as much if not more.
  11. I never do them. Do you get anything special for it?
  12. It isn't really worth it. I'm just waiting on the MKX Komplete Edition if they do release it. Would get everything at half the price or something.
  13. Rockstar Editor needs some additions. Things like being able to control more than one actor at once, right now you can't recreate many things or make something decent. Always stuck with one character, you could probably work around it but it'll be a bunch of awkward camera angles and take too much time.
  14. *censored*ing Rockstar. Hiding interiors and shit.
  15. New upadates coming soon & Rockstar Editor for next gen: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52429/asked-answered-the-rockstar-editor-gta-online-updates
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