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  1. Thanks! Had to restart Tessa from scratch. My game save data was deleted and I lost all my caws. Ivory was the first one I completed since. I still plan on completing Tessa soon since she originally was my first caw made.
  2. Ivory has been uploaded! Please let me know if there are any issues. This is my first upload so not sure if there will be any type of glitch.
  3. I'll definitely add those to the list. Here's a preview of Ivory I'm working on.
  4. I am hoping they get face morphing fixed ASAP, I have not been able to correctly morph any of my caws correctly, it fkn sucks! Anyway, I am going to keep trying to morph the face. Here's a preview of the attire at most.
  5. Added a preview of Tessa, she will most likely be the first to be uploaded. I expect to have her done and uploaded in a day.
  6. With CAW mode still kind of *censored*ed, Idk if I'll release some of these anytime soon. Unfortunately, the face textures are not positioning correctly and they're ruining my textures.
  7. Looks like there is still some bugs in the game to be fix, but here is a quick preview of something for now.
  8. Getting the base down for Jordynn...It sucks I can't give you guys full previews with logos/design patterns. This is the best I can do for now and let you guys know I haven't lost all hope yet. Going with her most recent look from Oct 19. Stupid question but JoJo ring announcer? I'm totally down, just wanna make sure lol.
  9. I will definitely be creating (hopefully, depending the patch) alt attires for all the above (attitude era), i don't intend to create them as caws TBH. If you wanna see certain attires just let me know! I may be interested in creating the two in bold and underline. Keep an eye out. I'll put them on the list for Request. A lot of people seem disappointed in Alundra being cut this year, so I may give her a go.....again this is all based on what the "patch" actually fixes (which should have been done day 2.)
  10. Thanks everyone, once 2K gets their shit together with WWE 2K20, i'll get started on creating Divas. Until then, I believe these will be the first few I will release once the Image Upload works and glitches get patched: Debra, Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson. Thanks! I'm definitely opened to creating more modern attires for Jazz. Thanks! I'll give Victoria a shot this year. I'll give a go at Stacy too. I've had a bad habit of creating Stacy in the past and just letting it fall off.
  11. Hi All, I'll be once again creating Diva caws for WWE 2K20. I'm opened to request right now. Here's who I have planned so far. - Candice Michelle - Ashley Massaro - Michelle McCool - Torrie Wilson - Tori - Jazz Ivory: Tags: Ivory, WWF Divas, Lita, Chyna, Trish Here are some previews from last years works:
  12. I'm excited to have an in-game Chyna, finally! I'm definitely going to try out my version again for 2020.
  13. ScheiBe_

    TK Cooper face

    I'd totally be interested in the face texture! Uploading it or a PM would be awesome. Thanks so much I'll give you both. I am really curious to see what changes you can make to what I have done and what you can do on your own. I suck at making male caws but he was kinda cute, so I had to give it a try, lol. I think with a little skin toned color "make up" you can lighten his eye area. I wasn't expecting it to be that dark.
  14. ScheiBe_

    TK Cooper face

    I can upload if you're interested and/or provide you the face texture...I just picked any random hairstyle lol I had no clue which one to pick. That's the best I could come up with.
  15. I assume it's a WWE Version since she wore that attire in ECW when she was with Paul Burchill. She's actually with WOW- Women of Wrestling these days. Correct - based off WWE version; although, that may not be an attire I actually go with. I created something quick last night.
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