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  1. It'll also be likely that we'll be getting alt costumes as unlockables as well.
  2. Looks fantastic. I like the look of the suit as it's an updated look for Spider-Man from Captain America Civil War. Gameplay look great too. This is a must buy for me.
  3. Cannot wait for Triborg. Can't believe they added Cyber Sub-Zero to Triborg as well.
  4. I'd rather have more MK characters than more horror movie characters, the only one Im really excited for is Tri-Borg.
  5. Looking forward to seeing more characters been added to the game. I wonder who they are.
  6. Tremor looks awesome!!! Can't wait to use MK4 Quan Chi.
  7. The new patch is the biggest yet, but shit I'm so glad we got Klassic UMK3 Scorpion. I'll be using him a lot more now.
  8. As awesome as Jason looks now, I'm hoping we'll get a Jason X skin.
  9. This is the compatibility pack for the Jason DLC & seven costumes, one of the costumes is available which is Klassic Sub-Zero (UMK3) along with gameplay fixes.
  10. Just watched the latest live stream on Twitch, I love the MK movie refs from Goro & Johnny Cage
  11. Scorpion was & always will be my main & Sub-Zero is my second & I will definitely use Shinnok, Goro, Quan Chi, Reptile & Ermac a lot.
  12. Loving Liu Kangs possessed look, I was never a fan of his, but he looks awesome in MKX.
  13. *Censored* me I did not expect this to be revealed this early, but I love it!!!!!!! Tremor? Holy Shit!!! Tanya? Wow!!! Predator? I nearly died!!! So looking forward to this game.
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