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  1. Has anyone noticed the infinite download glitch? I'm at 0/20 downloads and have still been able to download caws, logos and arenas with 0 downloads. I'm about to upload a video of downloading against 0 available downloads. I hope this is a glitch that is NEVER fixed! I'm having issues uploading my video here. I'd hate to look as if I'm making this up. If this has already been found in the game, then disregard .
  2. Between Velveteen Dream and Aleister Black. Its mainly Dreams song that stays stuck in my head.
  3. I like the ROH Six Man Tag Team titles. Wonder why WWE hasnt done this yet? They have The Shield, Sanity, Balor Club, New Day and Undusputed Era. It would be nice to have once UE and Sanity hits the main roster.
  4. Is it safe to say that this is beyond being a fan but yet its creepy at best? How they even get her hair??♂
  5. Killian Dane. Since playing 2K18 its stuck in my head.
  6. Shinsuke Nakamura, Gallows and Anderson and Tye Dillinger. Oh.... and Bullet Club.
  7. Yeah....that segment. I think Heyman was in a wheelchair on that segment. Wasn't that after CM Punk beat Heyman's ass on top of HIAC with a kendo stick? Sorry if my original post wasn't understandable.
  8. Well...at least we'll never hafta witness Paul Heyman awkwardly gazing into eyes like that one segment...that was just so weird. So this would mean that we won't see him WWE 2K17 right? I'll download a CAW just to have Goldberg rip through him
  9. Remember Kane trying burn Shane O'Mac's nutsack
  10. I seriously wish I could find the FB thread where this kept saying he was Hulk Hogan's brother. He got all pissed when I told him he wasn't Hogan's brother....he even threatened me with a phone call from Hogan himself to straighten me out but then he had a moment of clarity where he decided to tell me that I wasn't worthy of a phone call from the Hulkster......true *censored*ing story....this happened sometime early summer of last year.....damn I need that thread
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