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  1. Outta here with that nasty phrase. But............but..........my girl Eva is on Smackdown!
  2. All this hypothetical discussion when it's been made clear that the Women's Title would remain on RAW and that's why a belt is being made for the Smackdown Divas......sheesh
  3. Asuka slowly turning heel? I like it
  4. "the reality show" So TNA isn't referencing WWE anymore? And woah......Josh has really small hands lol
  5. I find it funny that out of all the Tough Enough contestants from the last season, "Mean Girl" Gabi was the only one to succeed and not even with WWE but with TNA. I've been checking her matches and she's not bad which may be in part be due to WWE's training but I hope she's able to evolve from her BroMan gimmick into a legitimate competitor for the title. Edit: Yikes, talk about run-on sentence....
  6. What's happened to the Knockouts Division............it's gone to shit. They barely get any time now, the matches are not that good, horrible storylines and who knew there would be someone with a more annoying voice then Madison Rayne.
  7. Too bad WWE doesn't believe in an off-season.
  8. In light of the news of Smackdown going live, getting it's own roster, etc etc, i think all the Women should remain in the same brand. Do not bring back the Divas Title back. Do not move any women (unless they aren't active wrestlers) to Smackdown. I remember when the Smackdown Divas got a lot less opportunities to compete for the Women's Title and just had "catfight storylines" You already know if they do draft Women, wrestlers like Paige and Becky Lynch are going to be moved to Smackdown. EDIT: According to this rumor, http://www.diva-dirt.com/123631/speculation-wwe-women-to-be-exclusive-to-one-brand/ , I may get my wish
  9. They hired Maryse and a Diva had to be let go to pay Maryse's salary. I guess it was Cameron. I think she knew for awhile already.
  10. Can I just say how weird it is to see how supportive people are of Natalya when she's chasing for the title but when she actually wins it, she can't keep the same support? Her last reign with the Divas Belt was considered boring but then again, things have changed for the Women's Division. Not sure if Natalya will actually ever get the belt from Charlotte or if this is a placeholder for when Sasha comes back but I'd like to think that when Natalya wins it, something can be done so as to not have the boring reign from when she won the Divas Belt.
  11. Well well well, Eva Marie back on NXT and....based on the 2 minute highlight on Youtube, no improvement whatsoever on her part.. Everything she did was just so slow. When she "dodged" Asuka's kick, it took her 2 full seconds to finally grab Asuka and slam her down. Was Eva nervous facing someone like Asuka? Probably. Should it show in the way you wrestle? Nope.
  12. #HeadHeldHigh Are you kidding me? What exactly are you proud of? Grabbing someone and lifting them up by the neck? (allegedly)
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