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  1. "the reality show" So TNA isn't referencing WWE anymore? And woah......Josh has really small hands lol
  2. I find it funny that out of all the Tough Enough contestants from the last season, "Mean Girl" Gabi was the only one to succeed and not even with WWE but with TNA. I've been checking her matches and she's not bad which may be in part be due to WWE's training but I hope she's able to evolve from her BroMan gimmick into a legitimate competitor for the title. Edit: Yikes, talk about run-on sentence....
  3. What's happened to the Knockouts Division............it's gone to shit. They barely get any time now, the matches are not that good, horrible storylines and who knew there would be someone with a more annoying voice then Madison Rayne.
  4. #HeadHeldHigh Are you kidding me? What exactly are you proud of? Grabbing someone and lifting them up by the neck? (allegedly)
  5. How classy of Kong. Even if Reby Sky is a complete b*tch, why shouldn't she be allowed to change in the same dressing room as all the ladies? Talk about holding a grudge; the original incident didn't even involve her but she decided to blast Reby and involve herself.
  6. So I'm looking at Raquel's (Gabi) instagram and her face looks different and younger then when she was on Tough Enough..... Botox? It looks like she might have gained weight making her face fuller but at the same time, she gained muscle. Idk, she just looks more youthful.
  7. Taryn may be as good as gone if she's going to feel uncomfortable with every character TNA gives her because that's not "who she wants to portray herself as"
  8. I feel bad for the TNA Wrestlers & Knockouts. The action is always good but the storylines........sheesh. Also, who would've thought Brooke would have such a big career as well as outlasting Layla and Kelly. I mean, she has a solid fanbase seeing as how she outcheered Gail Kim in their match this week.
  9. Unless my memory is failing me, it's always been every October
  10. I can see they thought "Gail vs Kong has always been a big seller and they've always had great matches, let's schedule this match for more PPV buyrates" But booking wise, it doesn't make sense. Why does Kong get a title shot at BFG and not the former Knockouts Champion herself?
  11. I would've been mad if it was the typical TBP reunion, but at least this time, we're seeing a different side of them. The Dollhouse finally have a team to fight against.
  12. Gail Kim looked amazing out there. If there was someone on her level in TNA. it would be an amazing match.
  13. That Knockout match was a mess, but a good mess. Taryn was a damn ragdoll.
  14. I'm guessing Havok is making her return after a promo was released of a woman saying "Playtime was Over"
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