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  1. I really enjoy being able to download CAWs and copying their full attires with custom logos onto another CAW, the last console game I played the logos weren't copied over. It's handy for when someone uploads a great attire for example, but it only has one and you want to fill the 2nd slot with a great attire from another caw, or replace it. So hopefully that never gets reverted in favor of stopping thiefs. What I think would be a nice solution if it's possible is to have anything that someone created themself always carry some sort of tag. So you uploaded a logo, used that logo on your caw, uploaded that caw... then someone downloads it and copies it over to their own CAW, an exact replice, to upload it themself, well that CAW will somehow tag back to the original creator so that any downloads this copy gets will count as a download to the original creator and people can see the "original creator" as well as the creator of the copy. And that could work for anything, like shows having an arena someone else made, it will indicate that it uses parts made from someone else (in this case, the arena) and you can look at that original creator's page too. I don't know if something like this is possible, but I think as long as the tiered uploading system exists, it sounds like a good compromise to me.
  2. is anyone able to make alt attires for randy orton and set them as his attire in universe? I have alt attires for orton, made sure they are set as superstar alt attires for randy orton (not orton 13) and his attire in universe is stuck on default attire and it's grayed out as if there weren't any existing alt attires the alt attires do show in play mode though
  3. Is anyone else having this issue? I'll try something and get another link
  4. Download What is this? It's an excel spreadsheet where you input data and it spits out totals and percentages for you. That's the main function at least. Very easily customizable and includes additional functionality such as being able to sort your data. Be sure to read the highlighted cell comments before using as there are a bunch of formulas and references between the first 3 sheets. There is also an information tab with further information about the tracker. If you have any further questions about the tracker, feel free to email me at rickyfrules@gmail.com It may look intimidating, but it truly is easy to use. Hope others find this as useful as it has been for me!
  5. I've always wanted it so you could sort by roster on the character selection screen, and now as the in-game rosters get bigger and we have over 200 superstars plus all the caws, and you have downloaded and custom superstars seperate, it would be really nice for some way to indicate which brand everyone is on, even if it's just a simple logo in the background of each person like some of the older games had
  6. The power rankings aren't an automated thing, it's just there for you to fill in yourself to keep track as you please. It serves less of a purpose now that 2K18 has it's own built in power rankings but I still personally like to use it. The only function that isn't manual on the power rankings are the little icons in the previous column, so if you have someone in say rank 6, you can leave previous as 6 and the icon will stay as the yellow hyphen, or change it to 2 for example, and the icon will change to a red downward arrow indicating they moved down on the rankings.
  7. What is this? Universe mode is hella fun with some imagination and I've found that having a tracker helps me control the vast roster. You input wins, losses, etc. and it outputs percentages, etc. There are numerous features in this excel spreadsheet, all of which are detailed in the information tab of the spreadsheet. DL Link
  8. So recently when I import attires from one CAW that has custom logos to another CAW, the custom logos don't transfer over. This used to work before though. I would download a CAW for an in-game superstar that had 1 attire and another for that same superstar and combine them into 1 using the import feature, deleting the extra slot. I first noticed this around the time I downloaded an Edge that has the right logos and attires in the previews but when I go into the actual editor, none of those logos are there. The logos are present in logo manager but they're blank. I've since downloaded things with custom logos that work fine but importing attires with custom logos seemingly don't work anymore?
  9. I can't really compare mine to that one. It's really advanced. I actually like the concept of that one a lot and want to incorporate some of the formulas it uses. I don't use it though because I've been using mine since 2K15 and that one feels too complicated (the ELO system confuses me). I consider mine to be a much simpler tracker that lets you keep track of the bare bones in a way that makes sense and is easy to maneuver.
  10. Hey, this is a fairly simple excel spreadsheet that I've actually personally been using since 2K15 to keep track of basic stats for my Universes. After some polishing, I figured at least someone else could get some use out of this thing too. There's an information tab in the spreadsheet that explains in-depth all the functions and keys for the tracker but I'll briefly go over what this thing is and what it does. Download: WWE 2K Universe Mode Tracker by Too Many Limes 1.0.0 Alternate Link I will keep updating this tracker and I will add new features like a streak sheet so the streak can be automated with a formula instead of being tracked manually. Message me here or email me at rickyfrules@gmail.com if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions. Hope you find this as useful as I have!
  11. Our last three games against the Yanks? *censored*.
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