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  1. No one cares about Roman Reigns or his brother , but great job right there, keep doing it.
  2. Looks exactly like him.
  3. Kingosso

    Alberto Del Rio

    He looks more like Big dick Johnson
  4. I have a way if you still have an issues with the skin tone, but it may take a long time to do it. 1) Open 2k15 and choose to edit Alberto Del Rio, then screenshot him with with the share button in the controller, so you will have the right skin colour. 2) upload the screenshot to the WWE2K16 Creation Centre as face photo 3) go to edit you Alberto's face ans choose the screenshot as a new face 4) skip the face deformation and chose the skin colour you want 5) press circle button and cancel the new face. 6) go again to your CAW's face and edit the skin tone and put the accurate one, and there you have it. I would do it for you if I still had 2k15, and by the way you have the most realistic Del Rio CAW I ever seen on 16, keep going the good work.
  5. I prefer Hangman's Facebuster.
  6. Amazing Rhino. Is there a chance to make the human suplex machine Taz.
  7. Can't wait to have the human suplex machine. Keep going.
  8. That's so great, I can't wait until I get that KENTA. Is there a chance to make Chris Benoit, Tazz, Kurt Angle?
  9. I hope you can solve this problem quickly. So what about old wrestlers like Benoit, Angle, Steamboat, Macho Man
  10. We can't wait to see new CAWS with new face screen feature especially when it comes from you
  11. Welcome back! Nice edit. Sir, we need a new caws using that new face screen feature and I hope you gonna make Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Tazz, Dudley Boyz, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, Hideo Itami, Chris Hero and Finn balor. Could I ask, what's your list to this year?
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