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  1. When i go to change title rankings and edit divisions my custom superstar is in other and i cant figure out how to get him in the rankings for titles, how do i fix this?
  2. Is anyone else having problems with mycareer loading? like i am on chapter 4 and it just wont load
  3. Have you tried calling the champs out in a promo?
  4. If i am the U.s Champ and have joined the Wwe world title rankings, can i be in the money in the bank match? if so how do i do this?
  5. Yeah, i was hoping that they would of fixed the ranking problem in the patch, it takes forever to just rank up one, I got a match with Taker and i accidentally put him in a sub at the start of a match and he tapped out straight away, then it happened in my next two matches and yeah it is just continues one on one matches, gets very boring
  6. Has anyone had any actual storylines in career mode? i have not even had one cutscene apart from the Paul heyman one when i won the U.S title
  7. Yeah i get what you mean, Brock has been WWE champ for ages, he has defended against the same 2 people as well, Cena and Orton.
  8. I was playing a iron man match for the Wwe universal championship, I was playing as Rollins up against Dean Ambrose, It was tied up at 4-4 with 1 minute left, i hit Dean with the buckle bomb and the picked him straight away and hit the curb stomp and just as i was covering there was 6 seconds left and by the time the ref started the count there was only 4 seconds left, Ambrose kicked out with 1 second left, i thought that was pretty cool.
  9. I finally won the U.S title from Finn, The ref almost screwed me though, i had him beat off of a Powerbomb and he had no health left and i covered him and the ref took about 5 seconds to get to the count and then he kicked out, luckily i had another finisher stored tho.
  10. The DLC is not out yet, the patch just added in their caw parts ahead of time. Okay, Thanks Mate, when does it get released?
  11. When is the first dlc available? or can we get it now? because i was just on the xbox store and it was not there
  12. For Karl Anderson, it would be the rko and the running single leg dropkick wouldn't?
  13. He is no way a force to be reckoned with, at all, I don't like the whole promo engine, Heath Slater is now 1 contender after beating Wyatt lol
  14. I finally made it to number 4 and Baron Blade defeated Cena for the U.S title lol
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