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  1. Ah I see. Thanks for clarifying. Sucks they had to change that up.
  2. Does anyone know how to add two jackets to a CAW? I downloaded MisterFiendx Will Ospreay and want to use the jacket from HolyRavi’s but I can’t copy both jackets over. Anyone know how to do this?
  3. Yeah I’m reading different things online about transferring saves. Just hoping my wwe2k22 save crosses over.
  4. Yeah I was thinking about uploading the movesets if I’m unable to transfer and will have to deal with editing all my teams in universe again. I’ll be holding off on playing until my ps5 arrives then lol.
  5. xGasMask23x

    PS4 to Ps5

    Hi Guys, So initially I purchased the nWo Digital version for PS4/PS5 and I only have a PS4 and have been playing my save on that.. However over the weekend I was able to secure a PS5 and my question is, can my save transfer over to the PS5? I don’t want to have to edit my universe and movesets all over again on the new platform.
  6. Just wanted to confirm that I did indeed try Jeb’s suggestion and it worked! Thanks Jeb!
  7. Thanks Jeb! So (PS4/5) that’s O to grab first then analog up?
  8. Does anyone know how to sit-up an opponent while they’re laying down? I know the right analog up will pick them all the way up and right analog left or right will turn them over but how do we sit them up. I want to do moves while they’re kneeling as well but I need to sit them up first and then transition to kneeling but I can’t seem to figure that out. Also right analog down is pinning so has anyone found a way to do this?
  9. Hey Jeb, Wondering if you were aware that Ciampa’s Black & Gold pants are in the game, as well as knee pads for that attire. This can save up some image slots for anyone who didn’t know.
  10. Anyone know how to unlock Dominick and Seth Rollins ‘20? Is there an unlock all? Or do I have to play MyRise to unlock manually?
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