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  1. This actually helped a lot. Pressing directional down left worked. Thanks for this.
  2. Ive resetted 3 times as well and still not result. This sucks as its the very first objective I needa do to unlock things and I cant seem to get it to work.
  3. Is this a glitch? I keep doing the guy kick and still I dont get the objective completed. Anyone else know how to get around doing this?
  4. Man I hate to say it but after this download, Im missing the middle logo, the crotch logo, the est logo and the knee pad logo on the yellow attire. I appreciate you going back to reuploading him but missing some logos suck and 2k needs to fix this somehow.
  5. I download Ricochet and all of his logos are missing. Only logo working was the knee pad logo on the yellow attire. Is there a work around this or something to get the logos to appear?
  6. This was unexpected. Downloading this now! I hope this means youre back to making more attires. I loved you Ricochet attires from last year. I downloaded every one of them and hope you can do some of those again this year along with undisputed era. I know with all the glitches its hard but this was quite the shocker!
  7. Thats happened to me too, a bunch of times. Also when cycling down the moveset categories, some slots are cleared and then you hover over them again and theyre back.
  8. Can you reupload Evan Slade if he isnt already up?
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