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  1. Thanks for this man! This was a huge help!
  2. My universe has this weird glitch where AJ styles tag partner is Charlotte and Bobby Lashleys tag partner is Mickie James and I can’t seem to remove the women from those guys. I want to add Bobby Lashley to the Hurt Business stable but I can’t b/c Mickkie James is locked in as his partner. I tried restarting the universe and they’re still partners. I checked my stables and they aren’t even in a stable together that I can disband. Anyone else having this issue or know how to work around this?
  3. Thats happened to me too, a bunch of times. Also when cycling down the moveset categories, some slots are cleared and then you hover over them again and theyre back.
  4. Can you reupload Evan Slade if he isnt already up?
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