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  2. Yes I do except they haven't gone that way and I gave you a realistic explanation. I know. Just putting that out there as well.
  3. That's true. But wouldn't you think there's better ways to start a program for the IC title than in a Chamber match that's already for the Smackdown title? Like doesn't that make the IC Title an afterthought? Or seem less important? Say Miz eliminated Ambrose in the match and they started feuding heading into WrestleMania. Hey Miz, you ruined my chances to be World Heavyweight Champion, so I guess we can just fight over this title I already have haha. Just doesn't make sense to me. Plus it's not like they're out of guys to put in the Chamber. Personally, I guess what I'm trying to say is I would've liked some more reasoning behind each participant. Especially Miz and Ambrose. Imagine Dillinger getting a call up and winning a spot in a match on Smackdown to be in the Chamber Match.
  4. I still dont understand having the Intercontinental Champion in the Chamber match.. Anyways Bella Bliss Alpha Wyatt Elimination Order: Ambrose Miz Corbin Styles Cena
  5. Knew I should have picked Roode. Anybody thinking Nakamura's going to enter the Rumble now? And I also should've started playing this a while ago.
  6. Rumble Predictions: Sheamus and Cesaro retain Team Alexa wins Sasha wins by DQ Charlotte retains Neville wins the Cruiserweight title Owens retains Cena wins the Smackdown title Taker wins the Rumble Number 30 will win Taker, Goldberg, Jericho, and Zayn are Final Four Brock Lesnar will the most eliminations Zayn will be in it the longest Ellsworth will be the shortest for sure
  7. I'm kind of surprised at how many people are picking Almas to win. Isn't this Strong's first Takeover?
  8. I will be VERY surprised if Almas goes over Dillinger Nakamura Authors of Pain Asuka Strong
  9. Just like the Intercontinental Title? Huh. Yeah he actually won a fictional tournament in Rio de Janiero, Brazil that McMahon Sr. made up to "win" the belt and be the first ever WWWF champion.
  10. The other day I found out that Buddy Rogers didn't ever actually win the first WWE title. There was never an actual match and Vince Sr. made up the whole thing as a work. Probably pretty well known, but I never knew about it till just a couple of days ago haha.
  11. Me (left) and my bud hoping everyone has a happy holiday!
  12. 10/10. Got a new one for this thread. Getting tired of Sonny Sandoval.
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