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  1. no skill and ability for lashley?
  2. please update the save to 2018 bobby lashley please @_@
  3. dokoham

    Request HCTP save

    Is that referring to my save? Anyway, Braun Strowman is included in my save, but it really isn't the best CAW. Braun had just debuted and I didn't have a good grasp on him yet I guess, or maybe it was near the end and I just half-assed it, I can't remember well. can you update your save to 2018 please?
  4. dokoham

    Graphics Setting

    What is the function of "Vsync", "FXAA", "Depth of Field" and "Motion Blur"? Thank You~
  5. dokoham

    Gameplay Thread

    Nikki Cross!!! ^U^
  6. dokoham

    Gameplay Thread

    anymore 6 man hell in a cell gameplay? @_@
  7. dokoham

    Gameplay Thread

    any 6 man hell in a cell match please?
  8. dokoham

    Women of WWE2K18

    any nikki cross gameplay video please?
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