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  1. 5/10 I know it's Paige, but it is ordinary. @psykel45 Monster anime
  2. 8/10 Not a huge fan of B182 but I always liked that art.
  3. Inception and Shutter Island are almost the same movie.
  4. Thanks for that, I shall check it out. Was abit skeptical because I assumed it would be something entirely different for some reason.
  5. Gotham Knight Returns is the one by Frank Miller isn't it? Anyone have a quick review?
  6. Well, even when he was Batman he was 'George Clooney'
  7. Brilliant Bruce Wayne, not so brilliant Batman
  8. I prefer the Hamill style joker over the Heath joker.
  9. you all remember Usual Suspects, right? Remember that tall guy, the one who mumbles? Yeah I think he's overrated
  10. That's a pretty bold statement that you should re-think, especially considering this is about the freaking Navi
  11. Since its been bumped, Ive actually been around the forums for awhile, registered at the end of 06 as CandyAss, but I kept doing immature sh*t like PM flaming people then pretending that I never did anything :L Eventually got me banned, but that was about 6 years ago, I was 11 at the time aswell so bare with me :L So I thought I'd offically say Hi again
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