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  1. Mine is almost spent lol. The episode of Happy! (season 2, episode 9) that I was in has its air date of next month! Been waiting since November!
  2. This mid-season finale was trash. And it hurts to say that about a show that I had as a tradition to catch every Sunday. But this episode solidified that the writers has lost their touch. So many things to pick about this episode that made it bad: plot holes and inconsistencies, production quality is subpar, and that decision at the end for shock value sticks a knife in future comic arcs that promotes the life of the show. Everything now is badly lit, to where it's hard to see. As is the sound -- it's almost impossible to listen without subtitles. Why did Simon let Maggie go instead of capturing her? Can't hide these problems anymore. The writing is getting too poor and Gimple needs to take a hike
  3. This is one way to tie up one loose end. Love it, adds so much depth between the two. They ended off as allies and now, it's like they're two different people. Sheesh, no loyalty huh? If it were me, I'd probably be throwing icebreakers and cracking jokes
  4. I liked Cult of Chucky. I don't see Chucky as horror, more so as slasher since, I feel, the character is too comical and non threatening to be seen as scary. Now, I want to see more of this personal battle between Chucky and his old foes. Glad the franchise is getting complete.
  5. Marketing and the end of BvS is pretty telling that he will be in this film.
  6. I'm really liking this Iphone 7. Just learned how to download songs to my library lol. Job just gave us 20 hours of UPT time. Good! Cause I was on literally 1 hour (we work 10 hour shifts) because of some nonsense with some girl. Never doing that again.
  7. Been doing really well this year, career wise. In terms of my career growth, seeing my friend's careers flourish, learning about the biz, and making and keeping contacts related to the industry. Last year was a big year (got signed, did Chicago Justice, almost was cast in Spider-Man Homecoming), we started strong this year. Did an episode for the newest season of "GOTHAM". Been wanting to get on that show since I got signed last year, TOTAL Batman/comics in general nerd, auditioned for that specific office sooo many times, finally got to do it few weeks ago. Small co-star role (speaking), got some screen time towards the end, but it was a great honor to just be on that set and interact with the cast. Got a callback for "The Equalizer 2", lead role alongside Denzel himself, but it went to the dude that played Chiron from Moonlight. C'este La Vie. Been blessed so far. Fingers crossed for the train to keep rolling!
  8. EXCLUSIVE: "Warner Bros and DC are in the early stages of another Batman Universe spinoff movie, this one telling the origin story of the signature villain The Joker. The studio has set The Hangovers Todd Phillips to co-write a script with 8 Mile scribe Scott Silver. Phillips will direct the movie, and Martin Scorsese will produce it with Phillips. This will be the first film under a new banner that has yet to be named in which WB can expand the canon of DC properties and create unique storylines with different actors playing the iconic characters." -- Deadline. Think this news is a week old, but it's pretty big. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to play the Clown prince in the origin. Kinda shakes on Joker having an origin story (just like a lot of fans) unless they do what TDK did or following 2008 Joker novel. In my opinion, the killing of Jason Todd should be in Joker and Harley, if that spin off has any ties to the main DCEU. Thoughts? The nerds have won!
  9. The movie is shit but I guess if you watched that first, you'd enjoy the series more and also the movie more. Watch the series first and it's very likely watching the movie will make you want to kill yourself The anime is far more superior and you'll see why first couple of episodes. Muur, did you see Death Note: The last name (Japanese adaption)? Netflix version or that? I say Japanese by far. Not of fan of Nat Wolff period.
  10. Do you like Western animation? I know anime has its little tropes like Gundams or over the top expressions and stuff, which I'm assuming you don't like that style and prefer something grounded,somewhat realistic? If so, Death Note the series will give you just that. It's a very intense, intellectual drama. The movie's does not hold a candle to the anime. However, this movie doesn't seem like a huge dumpster fire. Didn't finish it, but I know what happens. Light is a big dummy, which I don't like, but the end kinda stayed true. I didnt expect them to follow the anime to a tee for a two hour flick, but its not Dragonball Evolution. This had things that worked where's DB:e was trash
  11. You're the one who asked about the future of those shows. Now you want to pretend like you know better than anyone else what could be happening? Why the *Censored* did you ask, if only to rattle off some bullshit statement about Marvel/Disney pulling the shows? Nothing you say makes any sense. I want to choke you with your own shoelaces. Local. I wanna see that match. Book it, Vince!!
  12. I wouldn't even bother with SR3 and 4th. If you're New to the series, you'll start to see where storytelling went out the window for fetish jokes, overt crude humour, and then pandering to an angry fanbase. One of my biggest letdowns was skipping class to get SR3 and finishing it, then returning it.
  13. Basically sums up what I have to say about Batman killing. The comments are a good read too.
  14. ^ I saw the interview where Zack says that "This is a guy dressed as a Bat..." being flippant on this beloved, iconic, cash cow. Zack does great with the visuals, but the story and characters are sorely lacking. You're right -- everything is hypermasculine and dreary. Superman is always moody and conflicted and there's no motivation on why he does the things he do. He doesn't even look like he wants to help. The more video essays I watch and the more I see talk to people dissect this film, it just sours it even more for me. I watched it two and a half times, first time for the Buzz, second time after seeing reviews and essays, third time I couldn't finish it. Sooo many bad and odd choices, from Eisenberg's weird performance of Lex to the most minuscule thing. It is what it is and we can only accept what we're given and see how they develop, but I say this now, if you put the three movies together (Batman's case, BVS, Justice League, and The Batman) you will see no arc. Depending on if the solo Batman is before or after the events of BVS. Which, I feel, is gonna be as much of a burden to follow as the X-Men timeline Fox messed up. Would love to do an overall comparisons on my definitive Batman, Bale's Batman, Ben's, Keaton, Conroy, etc. See what's similar and what's changed.
  15. I didn't like the direction of BVS Batman because, in terms of character arc, he already has hit his peak. There's nowhere left for him to go than to start from where he was. He doesn't really LEARN anything, he just stops being as hard-core as the city made him to be. And its not even an earned arc. He gets told constantly throughout the film that Superman isn't the enemy and when he's about to kill him, he has a change of heart brought on by a weak macguffin (Martha), which doesn't translate well to the audience (who calls their mom by her first name? Does Bruce get like that when Martha Stewart comes on HGTV? Why would Bruce think Clark is talking about HIS Martha?) ** But even so, Flash told Bruce that he was right about Superman and Lois is his trigger. So, keep Lois safe otherwise that 1% certainty is reality. So, why wait till something happens to Lois? Just eliminate the big problem while you got the chance!!** Batman feels like he's lost the war on crime. The Joker got to Batman. And that movie just relishes on how violently cool Bats is. Taking a machine gun and shooting people? That's not impressive. What's impressive is seeing Batman swoop in outnumbered and outgunned and uses his wit and skill to clear out the room, leaving criminals dangling, unconscious, or running in fear. He doesn't need to kill the cowards. The Rogues, the ones who draw Batman out and he may want to see dead, the struggle is both external and internal -- save the city from the Joker and try not to kill him, even if he paralyzed Barbara. I see Batman: War on Crime or the Arkham Batman as how dedicated he is to the mission and his one rule. For movie purposes, I can suspend my disbelief that the guy Barman punched may have a concussion, for the same reason that people can't tell apart Clark Kent and Superman (when Henry Cavill does nothing in his acting in terms of speech or body alignment to differentiate Clark and Superman. Reeves was a nerd when he wasn't in cape). And what was up with the branding? Knowing full well they'll die in prison? How is Gordon OK with an unlicensed vigilante going from apprehending criminals to murdering them? And why in the JL trailer are they STILL calling him the "Gotham Bat" like his existence is still up in the air? Batman. Call him Batman. /Rant
  16. I think we should specify. Batman not killing directly, straight up murdering his foe in cold blood, should be frowned upon because Batman himself teeters the morality line. I think taking a life would push him over the edge: why take the lives of only the Rogues? Why not smaller criminals? Then we have a Batman that has absolutely no limit, breaks whatever laws to complete the mission, and plays judge, jury, and executioner. To me, that makes the character like a Punisher or Injustice-Superman. Wouldn't the League be against outright killing anyway? Unless they're on the path to becoming the Justice Lords. Also, I heard a quote that said the differences between Marvel heroes and DC heroes. "DC heroes are Gods becoming men". So to a civilian, these capes are the people they trust to always do the morally right, albeit hard, choice. I always like seeing the moral restraint Batman has that prevents himself from going over the edge. Which is why he saved Dick Grayson from the path of revenge and onto the path of Justice. Which is why his mission is never complete. Because he WONT allow himself to go over the edge. Is it old and passe? So is wearing a cape, but its usually tied to who these characters are and why they're heroes. And about the suicide Squad flashback, the way that it was edited, I assumed that after Batman saves Harley, the events after would be (Harleys torture in Belle Rieve) then the movie continues, post BVS. But whatever.
  17. What I can't fathom is, if Joker is the reason for Bats killing, since he killed Robin, why let Joker and Harley live? They'd be the first to go.
  18. ^ Dead ass. Glad they mopped that up quick
  19. Thank you Scott, I can rest easy now lol. Couldn't see why Ben would WANT to leave -- as an actor, he has one of the best roles ever created. Ben's a mega star, but he'll be known more for being Batman, I think. That Alex Ross inspired poster looks sooo good! Can't wait to see the entire league posted up.
  20. Well I'm guessing we'll find that out lol. The Garbage Pale Kids managed to do it last season. 5 minutes is hella long for a trailer, I feel like I've seen everything. It all looks pretty fun though, it looks like a good amount of time is being given the alliance and strategies of the different communities. I kinda hope one of them, preferably Hilltop gets burned down or something. Anyone notice that the logo is all nice and clean now? It's been decaying for 7 years. I guess they are no longer The Walking Dead... Just speculation. Are only the survivors in a "Take no prisoner" mindset or...? Cause if both sides are trying to ice each other, why have hostages?
  21. Trailer looked fun. Nice mention of Green Lantern -- or to be more specific, Lantern corps -- and the end has to be the boy scout or the green dude. This trailer makes me forget that Ben Affleck may be leaving Batman/DCEU. :Buzzkill:
  22. How the hell did they capture Gabriel?
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