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Mr. Moyd

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    The performing arts in all forms -- stage, film, etc. Also love the process of filmmaking/writing scripts, etc.
  1. Mine is almost spent lol. The episode of Happy! (season 2, episode 9) that I was in has its air date of next month! Been waiting since November!
  2. Bump Ever seen that episode of South Park where they counted how many times they said "Sh*t?" Can we get a counter in the left hand corner on how many times the N-word was said in Alabama after the results Ever seen that episode of South Park where they counted how many times they said "Sh*t?" Can we get a counter in the left hand corner on how many times the N-word was said in Alabama after the results
  3. This mid-season finale was trash. And it hurts to say that about a show that I had as a tradition to catch every Sunday. But this episode solidified that the writers has lost their touch. So many things to pick about this episode that made it bad: plot holes and inconsistencies, production quality is subpar, and that decision at the end for shock value sticks a knife in future comic arcs that promotes the life of the show. Everything now is badly lit, to where it's hard to see. As is the sound -- it's almost impossible to listen without subtitles. Why did Simon let Maggie go instead of capturing her? Can't hide these problems anymore. The writing is getting too poor and Gimple needs to take a hike
  4. This is one way to tie up one loose end. Love it, adds so much depth between the two. They ended off as allies and now, it's like they're two different people. Sheesh, no loyalty huh? If it were me, I'd probably be throwing icebreakers and cracking jokes
  5. I liked Cult of Chucky. I don't see Chucky as horror, more so as slasher since, I feel, the character is too comical and non threatening to be seen as scary. Now, I want to see more of this personal battle between Chucky and his old foes. Glad the franchise is getting complete.
  6. Not to mention the FBI coined the term black identity extremist before labelling white terrorists, but hey, it's all been done before
  7. Marketing and the end of BvS is pretty telling that he will be in this film.
  8. Would you end a friendship over a vehement Trump supporter? Like, my guy in question, he's like this current day meme-"edge Lord" or whatever, and I thought it was silly to end a friendship over a disagreement of policies, but Trump is an exception. Like, after Charlottesville, I had to question myself on how well could I get along with someone who supports the KKK? Or not condemned them rather
  9. I have a Puerto Rican friend who revere Donny as the greatest president elected, even after this hurricane fiasco. Not even the harm to his family will sway him -- I think a lot of his supporters are like that
  10. He's a weak person's idea of a tough guy. In a way, it's like Trump and Kim mirror each other. Both egotistical megalomaniacs that controls a huge superpower with little regard for those that oppose them. If we weren't on the verge of war, these two would be great characters to study.
  11. I'm really liking this Iphone 7. Just learned how to download songs to my library lol. Job just gave us 20 hours of UPT time. Good! Cause I was on literally 1 hour (we work 10 hour shifts) because of some nonsense with some girl. Never doing that again.
  12. The situation in PR is very heartbreaking -- majority of my friends are Hispanic and still has family over there -- but the lack of humanity being shown by Donald, THAT is disrespectful to Americans. Not kneeling
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