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  1. Ice Cube will not be happy about this
  2. remember when jamie noble best wrestler on the roster
  3. Henry Cavill is a great superman, hope he gets some better written movies
  4. someone can tell me if spiderman is in this one?he was not in the trailer
  5. All you need to do is draft a defense with the first round pick
  6. Holy shit your dumb You're* Nice edited post bruh, next time you try and be snarky don't *Censored* up yourself. Forgot the asterisk my bad, next time don't call someone dumb with a misspelled word. Just trying to help you out for future internet insulting.
  7. LMAO, delusional Patriots fans are a riot.But he isn't wrong, the only people that have been found guilty are two locker room attendants and they are fining Tom Brady with no reasonable proof apart from the fact he called one of the locker room attendants after the story broke which he would probably do even if he wasn't involved.
  8. The NFL is such a shitty corporation who decides their fines on media backlash instead of what appropriate punishment is.
  9. The patriots organisation didn't know anything about it or at least the investigation has shown they didn't. Why should the whole organisation get punished for the actions of two locker room attendants?
  10. It hasn't even been confirmed that Brady was involved other than the fact that he called the guy after it was revealed, I would be calling to know what was going on as well.
  11. It was revealed that two patriots employees and maybe Tom Brady knew, that's it.
  12. Tebow *censored*ing sucks, dude is just going to distract from the team like every other situation he has been in, the only use Tebow would have is as a kick holder.
  13. Well with an argument like that, I take back everything I said. Thank you
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