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  1. Who runs a blog about the moderators on a create a wrestler forum, very specific audience
  2. Tom Rice is my alt account
  3. Yeah it's weird he just dissapeared, I wonder what happened
  4. DJ is going to be considered #1 p4p ever over Fedor if he isn't already
  5. I wonder what happened to Ollie the Magic Bum
  6. Ice Cube will not be happy about this
  7. remember when jamie noble best wrestler on the roster
  8. this a very strange and unfortunate place of the internet
  9. kangaroo jack best all time movie
  10. Henry Cavill is a great superman, hope he gets some better written movies
  11. damn they sensitive up in here
  12. Hmmm. carefu;, he about to pop you wit that chair
  13. someone can tell me if spiderman is in this one?he was not in the trailer
  14. The only reason they hype up her opponents is to try and increase the legitimacy of the women's division, rousey is probably the only fighter in the women's division that wouldn't get finished in the first 30 seconds against a male the same size and she would probably be finished in the next 30 secs. The fact is that the women's division has not had the same amount of time to develop and the competition is nowhere to be seen. It would be like if someone was undefeated in an amateur men's division being the greatest of all time. It's just a hype train because it fits the narrative media is trying to portray these days. The U.S. Women's national soccer team didn't get anywhere close to this amount of attention and they deserved way more than rousey does.
  15. All the Rousey hype is so annoying, I saw an article saying she deserves to be considered along the likes of Fedor. What an absolute joke. At least she is advancing women's sports and such.
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