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  1. Don't believe everything you read about the guy though. There are many myths about him, and he loved all of them. He was not ashamed of the fact that some people called him "The Great Beast" and the Anti-Christ. I highly recommend a biography called "The Great Beast", and anything written by Israel Regardie, Crowley's friend and fellow member of the Hermet...

  2. Yeah! Aleister Crowley is a very interesting character and definitely worth reading about. He was a famous occultist, mountain climber, poet and secret agent. He is extremely influential to the modern occult and rock and roll. He founded his own religion called Thelema. It borrows heavily from eastern religions, especially Buddhism.

  3. Do people really use these status updates?

  4. Awesome Ultraman avatar, man! I loved Ultraman Towards the Future.

  5. Ha, nice quote in your sig! Why can't people just let us be happy about John Cena's injury?

  6. Hmm.. I'm not familiar with that anime. I might have to check it out though. That sounds interesting.

  7. Ha, thanks. As soon as I saw that on Raw, I thought, "that's my new sig." xD

  8. Thanks for recommending me to Tsel!

  9. Yup. He was a part of the Hermertic Order of the Golden Dawn.

    Hell yeah! I love those old shows. Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone were both amazing.

  10. Thank you! I'm honored to be Member of the Week.

  11. Ha, well the interesting thing about Crowley is that 90% of the things he said that he did were complete BS. He wanted to have the this image of an evil, Satanic, pervert to piss off the churches. While he was a pervert, he wasn't all that bad, and he was very smart. He just liked the occult imagery and scaring people. He's kind of like the old timey version of a shock rocker.

  12. Yeah, whether you love or hate him, he was a really interesting character! I'm more interested in him from a historical aspect than a spiritual one though. I don't consider myself a follower of Thelema, but I've studied it and feel like I've learned a lot from it.

  13. Yeah, I'm a little shocked to hear he was that sick! I had no idea he was struggling until you guys in the managers topic filled me in. I looked on Wikipedia for a little more information, and apparently he was at TNA Lockdown? I must have missed that. Anyways, its a shame. I hope he continues to recover.

  14. Yeah, I'm not a Satanist by any stretch of the imagination, either. I actually don't belong to any organized religion. I've found my own religion and beliefs that don't coincide with anyone else's. Crowley is just a little inspiration. Having that been said, I love discussing all religions with an open mind. Glad you feel like we can co-exist. :)

  15. Wiki him before you jump to conclusion and you'll see he accomplished all kinds of crazy shit. He didn't really represent the freemasons well. He was a brilliant thinker and great artist. And yes, I believe in some kind of higher power.

  16. I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're trolling about on my page. :) I am not a Christian, or a freemason. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else? If you're jumping to the conclusion that because I am a fan of Crowley and his work, I must be a freemason, you couldn't be more wrong. The man was a whole *censored* of a lot more than just a freemason. Wiki him before y...

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