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  1. For those of you who may not have seen them, here are some reactions to Final Deletion that TheNewF'NShow was referring to. Keep in mind that not all of them work for TNA. Drew Galloway: https://twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLING/status/750083313692356609 Rockstar Spud: https://twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLING/status/749282517484613632?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Max Landis: https://twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLING/status/750145204095713281?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Lance Storm: https://twitter.com/LanceStorm/status/750097671457632256?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw I didn't see the Wyatt Family segment. I'm going to have to check that out.
  2. It will be insane. I think all we know for sure is that it's going to be something very different. The awesome thing about it is that we haven't even seen the match yet and it's already a success. The marketing for it has been genius. No one has ever promoted a match quite like this.
  3. I'm more hyped for this than I was for WrestleKingdom X or any WWE pay-per-view in the past two years. I'm actually even more excited for this match than I am for Ultima Lucha. Blasphemy, I know.
  4. The Hardy storyline is campy fun, but based on what I saw in that preview, the match itself looks like it is going to be genuinely bad ass. I'm getting some FMW vibes from it.
  5. Who do you guys think should finally take the title off Jay Lethal? I was thinking about it today, and it doesn't seem like there are many good choices.
  6. I love that TNA doesn't put up with bullshit from fans on youtube/twitter. The fact that they respond at all is hilarious. I think at this point, they're very self aware. If you don't realize that they're in on the joke, you're getting worked. WWE would never waste their time responding to weird comments from random fans. TNA responds to fans because a big part of their gimmick is that they're small time. They're rude on social media and don't take criticism well because they're kind of like the heels of the wrestling business. They know exactly what they're doing and it makes total sense. They're kind of like the first anti-humor wrestling promotion. WWE is unintentionally funny. TNA is just funny, but if you don't follow the product you might not realize they're doing it on purpose.
  7. - Enuhito http://enuhito.com/eng/?p=467 He didn't even know who Vince McMahon was. That's the best thing I've ever heard. And it sounds like he's probably going right back to Japan after he's done with CWC. Kota is god.
  8. I've heard that it's much more expensive to run shows there than it used to be. I'm glad that ROH listened to their fans and worked something out. I thought Terminal 5 looked really cool on TV, but pretty much everybody who went to those shows complained about the venue.
  9. Final Battle will be at the Hammerstein Ballroom this year!
  10. To be fair that kind of is a big part of his character with his history with Colby Corino and all that. At least he looks the part, I guess.
  11. I think it actually already came out, but I haven't seen it yet. It's on Fight Network.
  12. Evolve isn't on TV like ROH. I'm pretty sure EC3's TNA contract would prevent him from appearing on any other wrestling TV shows, and even if it didn't, unfortunately TNA and ROH have been enemies for a while now. Then again, Drew Galloway wrestles for ICW regularly and their TV show will air all over the world soon, so who knows? I love ROH but in recent years they've kind of struggled to keep their roster feeling fresh. The NJPW talent exchange has been a godsend. In the early days of ROH, they wanted to get every free agent they could on their cards, but now you don't see nearly enough new wrestlers there. I'd love to see them start signing guys like Rhodes and Sandow, but it would be sort of out of character for them. Rhodes Scholars vs. The Briscoes in a Ladder War sounds awesome. I don't think Cody Rhodes would want to sign a contract with ROH anyway. I'm pretty sure once he scratches everything off on his list, he'll be right back in WWE.
  13. There's a lot of reasons. One of the biggest Japanese promotions ever WAS a Joshi promotion. All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling was a huge deal and goes way back. It had been on TV since the late 60's. I'm sure you've seen/heard hardcore wrestling nerds gushing on and on about "90's All Japan Women" before. That was the golden age for women's wrestling. It had the biggest stars and some of the best matches ever. It shut down in 2005, but it lasted so long and was so popular that I think the Japanese are just kind of used to men and women being segregated in wrestling now. As for the weight classes, NJPW has them because basically they go for a more realistic approach when it comes to the overall presentation of their product. If you haven't seen much of their show, it's portrayed more like an actual sport and less like a fantasy world. It's neat because it's one of the only promotions where you'll see a storyline about a cruiserweight trying to bulk up so he can challenge for the HW title. It's different. Having that been said, I've noticed that in recent years it has become more inspired by western style wrestling, and I wouldn't be surprised if they introduced a women's division some day. Personally, I'm partial to the "anyone fights anyone with some eye candy thrown in" too. That's why I love Lucha Underground, because you see men vs. men, men vs. women, giants vs. midgets, ect. I think it makes for really innovative spots and psychology in the matches. If you like that kind of wrestling, DDT is a Japanese promotion worth checking out. If nothing else, you should check out some joshi stuff that fans have uploaded to youtube to get a feel for it. Here's a couple of names I'd recommend searching. Io Shirai - The Hiroshi Tanahashi/John Cena of women's wrestling. She's the face of women's wrestling. She has a very flashy in-ring style, she's charismatic, and she's pretty. Kairi Hojo - Incredible wrestler, total cutie. Best flying elbow in the business. One of my favorites. Mayu Iwatani - One of the best. Meiko Satomura - Not as pretty, but she's probably the best female wrestler on the planet, and one of the best wrestlers in general. She would kick your favorite male wrestler's ass. Hikaru Shida - Not the best wrestler, but super hot. Unique, ass based offense. She had a WWE try-out, and it sounds like she'll probably sign with them some day. Another favorite. Kris Wolf - Cute American girl that is quickly improving and gaining a cult following. Syuri - Kind of like a female Hideo Itami. One of Asuka's old rivals. Hard kicks and bad ass intergender matches. btw sorry for going off topic, guys
  14. You can start a 14 day free trial though. Click the green button! lol I don't blame you for not wanting to pay. As long as you don't pay for WWE network either. People drop ten bucks a month on that shit when everything, even the "original programming", can easily be seen on live streams. At least Stardom World is half the price and most of the content can't be seen anywhere else, or if it can, it's way harder to find.
  15. There's quite a bit of joshi out there and the vast majority of it makes women wrestling everywhere else look like complete and utter shit. But if you're looking for girls that also happen to be cute, that helps narrow it down a bit. Joshi is also one of the few genres of wrestling that is still actually kind of hard to follow, even with the internet. Considering all this, I'd say your best bet is Stardom. Easy to follow. Hot girls. Some of the best wrestlers on the planet. You can get buy a subscription to their youtube channel and it even has subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzHuZkzGJRUtzIqIVReNLdA/featured
  16. I'm absolutely devastated that Tanahashi isn't going to be in the ladder match. I know replacing him with Elgin makes the most sense from a story telling standpoint, but I'm not really looking forward to the match anymore. If we're only going to see ladder matches in NJPW once in a blue moon, it would be nice to see some high profile Japanese wrestlers in them instead of gaijins. And reading about how Tanahashi was inspired by HBK vs. Razor made me so hyped. Hopefully some day we'll get to see him in a ladder match.
  17. There seems to some confusion as to whether the Matt and Jeff feud is intended to be funny or if it's really so bad it's good. I don't think we'll ever know for sure, and honestly I don't want to know. I just want to see more. There's plenty of great wrestling out there in the world. But this is the exact type of garbage TV I tune into WWE and TNA for. I loved it. I enjoyed that segment every bit as much as the best scenes on Lucha Underground. Seeing wrestlers from other companies react to it has been fun too. If LU is wrestling directed by Quentin Tarantino, Impact is wrestling directed by Tim & Eric.
  18. Damn, I'd hate to see Moose go. That's good to hear about CMLL and ROH though. Any guesses on who they're trying to get for the Philly show?
  19. http://411mania.com/wrestling/cody-rhodes-will-get-to-keep-the-name-post-wwe/ Funny that he just left WWE and one of the first places he's going to work is basically WWE developmental. Apparently they also gave him permission to use the Rhodes name wherever he wants. I give him a year before he's on NXT.
  20. Hardy introduced that custom title in November of 2010. He lost the belt to Sting on an episode of Impact in March of 2011. They had a rematch that Sting won, which was the infamous Victory Road match where Hardy was high out of his mind. The rest of that stuff was going on around the same time. I thought Fortune was a pretty cool faction at some points. I really liked the pairing of Flair and AJ.
  21. This. I always consider TNA as "the company where former WWE talents get rightly used". Which is wrong. Not every ex-WWE guy is a success, but I think they have a pretty good track record. I like what they've done with Bobby Lashley and Drew Galloway, and EC3 being one of the best acts in the business almost makes up for all of their failures anyway.
  22. Kurt Angle is going to make wrestling great again.
  23. Seeing the words "Angle" and "BOLA" next to each other on that list just reminds me how bad I want Kurt Angle in PWG. I think there's a good chance he could be in it this year.
  24. Cody should wear a mask and wrestle as The Midnight Rider.
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