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  1. Lashley is the best heavyweight champion in wrestling.
  2. Is that that match from like 05' - 06'? *Censored* that match is old. March 31, 2006, but it still holds up very well. Time flies!
  3. Lucha Ilimitado sounds really promising. That's a pretty stacked card they're putting together and they've got a good venue. Also, WrestleZone failed to mention that apparently El Hijo Del Santo is coming out of retirement for another match at this show.
  4. SquaredCircleJerks? The podcast Dino Winwood used to have? I would love that That's not who I meant because that wouldn't be completely terrible.
  5. WhatCulture is garbage. It's the answer to the question of, "what if we gave /r/SquaredCircleJerk a couple million dollars?"
  6. Think you can give Colt Cabana a bit of credit for that. His deal with One Hour Tees helped alot of wrestlers actually be able to make money with decent quality tshirts. I agree that Cabana deserves some credit. The creation of One Hour Tees and him being the original podcast guy helped change the outlook on the indie scene and got the wrestlers to start thinking more like entrepreneurs. I always thought it was cool how comfortable and proud Cabana is just doing his own thing.
  7. I love the trend of guys like The Young Bucks, Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes, Kota Ibushi, and now Alberto Del Rio not signing exclusive contracts with one company. It's so refreshing to see wrestlers who have become successful enough that they are no longer treated like slaves and can choose where they want to work while pursuing other interests beyond wrestling. These wrestlers deserve it, and speaking as a fan, it's exciting because it opens the door for all kinds of awesome dream matches that we wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. I hope Paige follows in Del Rio's footsteps. It's funny to be me that some people have suggested that maybe Del Rio is a "bad influence", because if anything, it sounds like he's a great role model based on everything I've read here. He has more of a future and is capable of providing more than most wrestlers.
  8. I've always loved Prince Nana. Super underrated character and one of the best managers ever.
  9. Huh. I didn't know David Lynch likes wrestling.
  10. Nah, his real name is Cody Runnels. I believe WWE only owns the complete name "Cody Rhodes", so if I'm not mistaken he can use the Rhodes part but the whole name can't be exactly the same. It hasn't been an issue so far, but like I said, he also hasn't appeared on television, which is usually where WWE draws the line.
  11. Jesus, LOP. Get it to together.
  12. This. I hope TNA keeps going in the satirical comedy direction. They're just doing what they've always done, but the difference is that now they're self aware and it's awesome. They do a good job of poking fun at themselves and the business as a whole. It's still just wrestling but it feels more like something you'd watch on Adult Swim than the USA Network. It'll be interesting to see what happens now that Dixie has been DELETED.
  13. If ROH wants to have 6 man tag titles, they should bring back Blood Generation and Do Fixer. A lot of people still consider that one of the best matches to ever take place in an ROH ring, and one of the best matches ever, in general. If they want to introduce these new belts, I almost can't take them seriously without the Dragon Gate guys at least doing a one-off appearance.
  14. Add Peter Kaasa in the mix. And make it a Fatal 4 Way. My man! Kaasa is going to be a huge deal. I'm looking forward to seeing what Ryback does as a free agent. There's been some talk about him maybe showing up in NJPW. I'd love to see him throwing potatoes and dropping Japs on their heads (not for real, obviously). Strong style Ryback could be fun. Del Rio would be great over there too. Give me El Patron vs. Sakuraba, please.
  15. I haven't been following the Del Rio drama that closely. Any chance Paige follows him to The Temple and becomes El Patron's new valet?
  16. Moose's debut managed to be both awesome and kind of anti-climatic at the same time. The combination of the mediocre commentary, him slowly making his way to the ring in casual clothes, and the mixed reaction from the audience made the whole thing seem somewhat awkward. But that's exactly what you hope to see when you watch TNA, so I guess that's cool. It even felt a bit like a Russo swerve. They nailed it. TNA has a really nice collection of heavyweights right now with Galloway, EC3, Moose, and Lashley. All four of those guys are the total package. Not too shabby, TNA. Not too shabby at all. Plus they have arguably the biggest star in all of wrestling, Broken Matt.
  17. If you guys want a laugh, watch WhatCulture's reaction to Final Deletion. It's so cute because not surprisingly, the joke totally goes over their heads. Have you ever met someone that thought Borat was a real documentary? Thats them. There's some great lines like "I have never seen an entire episode of TNA and I pride myself on that" and "we could do better". These guys are true wrestling experts.
  18. Hania has the potential to be a good wrestler. She has a neat character and she really does have a great sense of ring psychology. She's also very technically sound. My problem with her is the same problem that I have with most female wrestlers. Her moves look crisp, but they lack intensity. They look choreographed and diva-like. How come girls like Hania and Mandy Leon know how to properly pull off all of those great moves but they can't even run the ropes right or throw a punch that looks like it would actually hurt? Who is teaching these girls to somehow wrestle like Bret Hart while still getting around the ring like Kelly Kelly? Them being girls is no excuse. These are the fundamentals of wrestling, and I've seen girls master them. And it's not just them, it's almost everybody from the indies, to WWE, and even a lot of girls in Japan who should know better. I was watching Lucha Underground's tag team match between Mariposa & Sexy Star vs. Ivelisse & Taya. As expected, there were some awkward little moments and hiccups. But I thought it was interesting that at a lot of points, they used their videography skills to switch camera angles at the right times and it made the match seem a lot better than it probably was in person. I also think that all of these girls know how to highlight their strengths and hide their weaknesses better than most. They usually don't attempt things out of their wheelhouse. I think Women of Honor is a really cool concept. I like what I've seen so far and I think it's smart for them to try to capitalize on the growing popularity of women's wrestling, but I'd like to see them have matches that set them apart from the girls in NXT for example. I want to see more speed, intensity, and aggression and less generic technical wrestling.
  19. Maybe he sees The Final Deletion as a parody of Lucha Underground. I think LU was definitely one of the Hardy's inspirations, and maybe they were poking fun at them a bit. But a producer for LU should take that as a compliment. At least it was a GREAT parody. The way I see it, this is kind of a fourth wall breaking storyline about how the washed up, drugged out Hardy brothers are trying to create an artsy, cinematic wrestling project. LU is the real life version of what those fictional characters were attempting to create, except actually successful. I'm surprised he can't appreciate that. They're probably my two favorite things going on in wrestling for totally different reasons. It's a shame these companies can't get along. I'd like to see some sort of collaboration. It doesn't have to be the played out invasion storyline either. I'm sure the LU writers could come up with something much more original.
  20. Jeff's last few tweets are part of the joke, right? I can't even tell anymore. This whole thing is reaching Andy Kaufman levels of work.
  21. Watching the director's cut right now. Just let Matt and Jeff direct the whole show from now on. Damn, I wonder why they made it private. Hopefully they don't 'George Lucas' it.
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