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  • Birthday 02/10/1993

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    Triple H
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    Mostly heavy stuff such as: Disturbed Three Days Grace Korn Rage Against The Machine System Of A Down The Living End But I also like stuff that sounds good such as: Savage Garden Tears For Fears Eiffel 65 Three Doors Down Muse Merril Bainbridge
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    White Chocolate.
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    The Simpsons
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    Perth, Australia Name: Simon
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    Music, Philosophy, Poetry, Guitar, Drums. I am really a philosophical musician with P.U.A abilities.

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  1. Your statement about me is so long that it's too hard to read. xD

  2. that avatar is rather interesting.

  3. Wow, this a bit weird. My name's also Simon, and my birthday's two days before yours. :P

  4. No, you just don't know me. :[

  5. Too much negativity that it must be illegal in some US state. :hqhq:

  6. you're becoming inactive simon. :D

  7. I've been omitted from your sig, and left off your list thingy. Double ouch. Haha.

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