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  1. Fulham's defense doesn't seem that bad now, considering the other results this weekend
  2. Nice. In Wales, I've only been to Swansea, saw the first game played at The Liberty, Swansea 1-1 Fulham, in a friendly. As for TV schedule, announced today, fixtures selected up to the 2nd of November. http://www.premierleague.com/broadcast-schedules Also, will you be supporting Fulham this weekend, as we travel to Wolves?
  3. As it stands, they've gone back to only showing a selection of Premier League games on TV, which is bs. Hoping all games become available to watch, even if they are painful to watch, as a Fulham fan, lol. Also, Muur and dje, do you follow any local non-league teams where you are? I follow Tooting & Mitcham, as they're quite local. Used to go see them play a few times, but now follow their progress through media. Other teams I follow the progress of are Met Police FC, and Walton Casuals FC. Again, both fairly local, and the Chairman of the latter is ex Fulham player, Tony Gale, who my dad is mates with, haha. He (my dad) has been going since 1965/66, and has been able to meet and become friends with a few of our ex players. Les Barrett owned a flower shop just down the road from me, so I met him a few times. Oh, and our team's coach broke down one game, so they shared the fan's coach (which my dad was stewarding), and George Best offered to look after my older brother (now in his late 40s). Kinda went on a ramble there, but figured I'd share, haha.
  4. Yeah time's been flying, but it's part of our history. Annoys me that some of our fans think we're entitled to be a top club, and mope when we don't spend time in the top division. I was born in 1993, and my dad started taking me to Fulham games as soon as he could (heck, he was taking my mum when she was pregnant with me to games, haha). We were in the old Division 2 (now League One) at that time, and I didn't see us in the Premier League until the 2001/02 season, after we got promoted with Blackburn and Bolton in 2000/01. Fun times.
  5. And to make matters worse for Fulham, Tony Khan tweeted after the game yesterday that we tried getting players in, but started giving every excuse possible, even though we should have sorted out the back line years ago. Made it seem like it was everyone's fault but his own. Then he stated that when we finished 20th in the Championship, we would've killed to be a yo-yo club It's not as if we hadn't spent 13 years in the Premier League, with 3 runs in Europe - 1 of those runs getting all the way to the final of the Europa League, and 1 winning the Intertoto Cup (might not be the most prestigious competition, but who'd ever thought that Fulham would be in Europe, let alone win a trophy in it?) Hopefully we get some Premier League quality players in before the window closes, and things start picking up.
  6. Embarrassing against Villa (typing this before the game is over). We're gonna end up beating Derby's record at this rate. I'm usually pretty positive, but how many times can you say, "it's only so many games in, it's too early"? Still gonna stick by the team until the end. Attack wise, we look alright, as in we have a striker who can find the net (usually), but the defence is a shambles. Something's gotta give.
  7. Fulham won away at West Brom 1-2 today. I mean, it was the U23s, but it still counts, dammit!
  8. Well I jinxed it for one team, paha. Also, it's been penalty mad these past few days, in the Premier League and the cup. I swear every game tonight had at least one given (not talking about after FT).
  9. Nice. It's better than nothing, I suppose. Potential of West Brom vs Fulham in the next round of the cup, which I've more than likely just jinxed
  10. Teams in the Premier League conceding goals left, right and centre, but only Fulham are "definitely getting relegated", lol. How have you guys been keeping up with your matches? iFollow? Our league games have all been televised, thus far, and myself, dad and brother watched our Carabao Cup game against Ipswich Town on the carabaocup live site, which we will also be doing for tomorrow's game against Sheffield Wednesday. Quality isn't great, especially for a tenner, but at least it's something. Our site's official TV service thing is only providing live audio for matches, and my dad has a subscription, so it's an option for games that aren't televised.
  11. Well done, West Brom. We're still in the hunt, though. Cardiff in the play-offs.
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