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Status Updates posted by NickRedMachine

  1. The usos were confirmed out, that pic is fake..

  2. Goldberg form for all stars?

  3. Hey man, you still play all stars? Or at least have the reks caw on your save? I'd love the form =)

  4. Lol yeah I was expecting a reaction, but not a cursing essay like that. And I don't want to make you angry here, but I think complaining and reporting shouldn't be the same thing to a MOD, it's unprofessional.

  5. Looks like all stars hate is going to shift to brawl hate now. Looks fun to me, though.

  6. really pissed, xbox froze again, just got it back from repair man.. must be the *censored*ing game. I dunno.

  7. Hey, are you going to release those all stars caw formulas?

  8. Good god that kid was hilarious.. first he sings hogans theme which has me in stitches from laughing, then he appears to be a strong grapple spammer, so I spam back, and he starts whining.. then I pin him because he's too dumb to mash buttons and starts crying haha..

  9. Formulas for your caws?

  10. Are you doing to release the formulas for yout all stars caws?

  11. Sure, I will tomorrow.

  12. He can, but he won't.

  13. Who said that? I'll give him a taste.

  14. You handled kevster quite well, but if he replies to you know, try to ignore it, I already reported him so you replying and getting angry next time will put you in a bad light.

  15. Ýou typed all of that in your NXT topic only to lock it?

  16. Hey bro, just wanted to let you know, even if we don't agree on subjects, no hard feelings

  17. If you don't want to make an ass out of yourself, delete that comment by knucklehead.

  18. can't wait for SummerSlam!

  19. Thanks so much, I didn't think a caws member would actually say that! :D

  20. Thanks, man. I might put both in my sig, to show I like BOD. Epic that Kane is now 2 in your list. I just made a top 10 moves of kane on YouTube, if you´re interested give it a watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4hVwf51ydA

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