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    WWE Drama

    Dude really seems like he's in a VERY bad place mentally after being preyed upon. That's an assumption - we don't know that he was preyed upon. Also, he hasn't said anything publicly since this came out, right?
  2. Interesting but ultimately, as a fan, I am not responsible for his employment or the terms of his employment.
  3. When did Cathy get so hot? I always knew she was pretty but damn... recently...
  4. In no order: Alexa Bliss Paige Lana Becky Zelina Vega Making up the top 10 Dakota Kai Toni Storm Sonya Deonna Purrazzo Io Shirai
  5. What an assumption. Sure you aren't just 'fantasy' booking?
  6. Ziggy, you're such a dude for your hard work in this thread. Thanks man!
  7. Harper leaving is hitting me hard - I felt like he could have been a monster heel with a brand built around him. Harper could have been the top heel on SmackDown! Live and carried it in my opinion.
  8. My bad, I thought this topic was about releases...
  9. The D

    WWE Drama

    I feel that this is a private matter that should not be discussed by the IWC. What happens in the private lives of these performers is of no concern of ours. If it's a situation such as Hulk Hogan where someone is being racist, or if Corey's actions for example were due to sexism then absolutely, let's report on it. Otherwise, this is a personal situation that should be kept personal. There is nothing of importance to report on here - just people speculating who are far removed from the situation.
  10. The roster feels kinda' thin right now with not many Japanese guys coming up through the ranks. I guess the biggest news out of New Years Dash was that Yujiro and Chase Owens are back in Bullet Club. After WK13 I think we all assumed that it would be Jay White chasing the IWGP Title
  11. I love that Cody used the term 'CAW' which isn't even what 2K/THQ call(ed) it. It was 'CAS' for years and years; a true gamer! Loved that statement by Cody; honest and genuine.
  12. He's already officially retired. Nope, he hasn't. He said in a recent interview that he hasn't officially retired but due to his concussions doesn't expect to wrestle again.
  13. Yeah man, Wormrot are sick. My band gigged with them during their UK tour a couple of months back. Playing with Napalm Death in a few weeks too.

  14. Crazy; you're posting again. Good to see you anyway!

  15. Lol?

    1. shakin not stird

      shakin not stird

      im new here could you please be my friend i think your a god at caw making


  16. We've got a bass player now. We had the bass player from Amputated, but juggling two bands was tough. We've got an awesome bass player now, he's just not up on the band page yet.

    And Dr. Vries, what ref's? Hah.

  17. Hello caws.ws user 'lolfail',

    You have just won my first ever'youthinkwecare' award for thinking that anyone gives a shit about your award! Congratulations. Your prize is in the post.

  18. Hey man, thanks for the video link in the SvR'10 topic. Must have missed that on IGN. Hope you're keeping well. :)

  19. Capone may walk on Jesus, but I walk all over Capone. ;) With high heels. Bitch.

  20. He's mine. Everyone else hands off.

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