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About NotoriousNick

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    Lower Midcard

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    Bret Hart, Y2J, Jake Roberts
  • Favourite Music
    Nevermore, The Cult
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    15x World Champion
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    TNA Impact!
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    Pizza or BBQ Chicken
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    Fringe, Psych

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    Atlanta, GA
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    Avoiding Ohio, especially Cleveland. Smacking HBK around a ring like the jobber he is. Eating at Big Kahuna Burger. Reminding Jerry Lawler that he belongs behind the announcers table and not in a wrestling ring. Winning World Titles. Co-hosting The Highlight Reel w/ Y2J. Showing Gail Kim a good time. Driving Scott Hall home from the bar down the street. Steeler Nation. Heavy Metal. The Cult.
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