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  • Birthday 12/11/1993

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    None At The Moment
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    thousands....... ranging from the 60's and now but I do love the genres: Classic Rock Metal Pop Punk Punk Rock. never been a fan of RNB much the Present bands that I like are: Hey Monday,Boys Like Girls,Never Shout Never,Hillsong United,Relient K,The All American Rejects,Fall Out Boy, The Cab, Paramore(meh not really), Anything by Fueled by Ramen and Columbia Records. For Classic Rock I like Led Zeppelin,Queen,Black Sabbath,Boston,Metallica tons more...............my hands are aching lolllolll, oh and I love The Beatles
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    Student, musician
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    Nintendo 64,Sega Saturn,Arcade Machines,PlayStation,Playstation 2,PlayStation 3
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    World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Non-Stop Action
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    Fried Chicken
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    The Soup, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory
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    wish I had one
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    don't have one XP

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    Manila,Philippines Name: Kurt Ochoa
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    Jesus Christ
  1. If they plan on recording new material, I hope that they record while they have a crowd track playing while they're reading the script. they sound like they're having a very scripted and casual conversation... They don't sound like they're doing commentary for a live event.
  2. You actually read the terms and conditions??? jk Thanks for pointing that out! It's kind of a bummer though...
  3. Does the game require the user to go online to keep the DLCs, which are downloaded, running? I've downloaded my two versions of Sting last month and have played with the models over and over, but I don't understand why the game tells me that the download hasn't been installed properly and that if I would like to play the game I would have to re install the DLC or else my data would be deleted. it seems to be happening whenever my net is down. Plus, why isn't the DLC sharable with other users on the same PS4? I mean I have to log in to my Region 3 account and then switch to my main account which is Region 1 just to keep my dlc and my save files as well or else the same message pops up.. it's nothing like the way that the PS3 handles the DLC where you download from a different account and you can use it with any user on the console.
  4. +.//Ochoa


    Does anyone know how to make the superstars bleed? I mean I keep trying and trying and I only seem to get it done by chance.
  5. I'm a cop you Idiot !
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