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  1. Guess I'll see you next season then lol I think Wednesday will win, I could be wrong though lol
  2. Honestly didn't see Wednesday getting battered like that! Do you think you'll make it up?
  3. Oh yeah aren't they localish to you?
  4. We lost to accrington! Dire game but summed up our season. Manager has a major overhaul to do
  5. Oh Haha most people don't know about it.
  6. Main rival is and will be Swindon, Reading are next. When we was owned by Robert Maxwell in the 80s he wanted to merge us and Reading and call us Thames Valley Royals! Both sets of fans were opposed obviously. We would have played at Didcot which is south Oxfordshire but it's the main town between the two places
  7. Yeah we last played them in 2004(league cup) so it's been a long wait! I also worked in Reading for 4 years so had to put up with their fans giving it the big I am!
  8. In 20/21 season we finished 6th? Played Blackpool at home first and lost 3-0
  9. Hmm that's strange, although in 19/20 covid season. We finished 3rd ppg and played away first then the second leg was at our place
  10. We won 3-0! Survival confirmed! Now to push on next season.
  11. Right I'm not sure if this is the right post but I'm kinda hoping someone can advise. I have a ps4, looking to get a 5. If I get a disc version do I need to rebuy the games? Or if I get a digital version would my games be saved in my library? I do only play fifa and wwe 2k23 so any help would be appreciated
  12. We won 4-0! I thought I was dreaming lol
  13. We honestly have lost the ability to win! We can't score, we have players who are so crap it's unbelievable lol
  14. Lost to Barnsley, home to Cheltenham on Tuesday which is just win!
  15. Drew 1 all with Portsmouth! A point ahead of the relegation zone
  16. He was only there because our other wingers are crap or injured! Lol the guy who was playing off our striker in the first half is a winger but we've no one else to play in the CAM role he plays there, we have Josh Murphy, his twin player Joseph is at Newcastle! Ours is one of the worst signings I've seen in my 30 years of following them and that's saying something considering we spent 4 years in the Conference! Our Ex Manager who was sacked in February has *censored*ed the team up. He should have been sacked in the summer but he had a hold over the board somehow!
  17. We are absolutely terrible! We had the shots but they weren't clearcut or anything! We have to rely on our 18 year old striker because our ex manager loaned out our actual striker to Port Vale in January! I honestly can't see where our next win will come from
  18. Game day! @Muur I'm hoping for a good game and whoever wins then fair play
  19. Drew 0-0 with Port Vale, we can't seem to bloody score now! At least we're not shipping goals
  20. Are you coming down for next Saturday?
  21. We're on sky tomorrow(Friday) playing Sheffield Wednesday
  22. Good luck tomorrow in the Pizza Pot Trophy final, are you going? That's the first clean sheet we've kept in ages! Lol
  23. We didn't play and we went down a place! We've got Peterborough, Sheff Wednesday, Port Vale and Bolton all coming up!
  24. Sorry for the late reply! Not been on! Would have been happy with Appleton, whoever got it has got a tough task of keeping us in the league! Ex manager royally messed up the last 2 transfer windows and now we're 3 points above drop zone! Bearing in mind we've not won since 21st January
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