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  1. Drew 1 all away at accrington, onto Barnsley home next Saturday. Our Fa cup tie with Arsenal is on the Monday night. National humiliation for the Gunners I can dream!
  2. Would have preferred a big team Coincidentally it'll be 20 years since we played them in the 3rd round at Highbury, I went and Bergkamp scored his 100th Arsenal goal
  3. Beat Exeter in round 2 of the fa cup, into the 3rd round!
  4. I know! 7 games unbeaten now! Drew with forest green on Saturday! Was a dreadful game
  5. Beat Woking 2-1 in the first round of the fa cup
  6. Beat Port Vale 4-0! No idea where that came from lol Yes league one and below carry on
  7. Drew 1 all with Fleetwood! We was dreadful first half
  8. Not going to gloat but we needed those 3 points
  9. Oh okay, fingers crossed he gets you in and around the top half
  10. Who is your new head coach? Sorry I missed it
  11. Lost to Peterborough, currently drawing with Portsmouth. Down to 10 in both games! Dreading Saturday
  12. Beat Exeter 4-2 First win since 3rd September lol hopefully we'll build on it now
  13. Lost to wycombe! Finished an hour late due to a medical emergency in one of our stands
  14. Drew with Charlton, was going to go but the train strikes scuppered it
  15. We don't own it, its nowhere near any facilities, oh and it's got 3 bloody sides
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