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  1. Lol Hull will go down I think
  2. Defensive mistakes...
  3. Lol glad its confirmed
  4. That's fair enough, I hope you come back up
  5. Ahh okay, i wasn't sure if it went to pens lol
  6. Apparently Doyle wanted to stay up north, he was on loan from Bradford I believe at the Swindump lol Glad you're signing people
  7. Yeah I think we last played you in 2014 in the League Cup second round, was Appletons second month in charge and you won 2-1 I think? Lol You'll go up, no worries about that, do you think you'll try to sign Dwight Gayle? He was on loan wasnt he?
  8. Exactly lol if you don't go up I'd like to visit the Hawthorns. I'm sure you'll go up
  9. Answer is on our part no, Wycombe see it as a rivalry but they only have Luton really lol We weren't at our best over the two legs but now we've got some minutes under the belt I think we could do it
  10. Well we made it to the final! Next Monday! Cannot wait!
  11. Tomorrow is play off first leg....
  12. Yes first leg 3rd, second leg 6th and final 13th lol
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