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  1. So looks like we're going into the play offs
  2. Downloaded Seth and Corbin last night, amazing work
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Mandy will turn on Otis next week? Then somehow screw him out of the briefcase?
  4. I thought I saw on his Instagram that he did but they keep calling him back? Might be wrong
  5. We won the Milk Cup now the Caraboa Cup in 1986 lol
  6. So I am trying to play through the Fiend bump in the night, so even though it lists the opponent, the person I'm facing is Drew McIntyre lol sorry not the clearest picture
  7. Postponed until 30th April now
  8. So the EFL have said the season will finish!
  9. No I know they wouldn't, can dream though cant I? Considering we've not been in the Championship since 1999!
  10. Shows how shit we've been since then! Lol
  11. The other thing of note from that is that we haven't played each other in a league game since 1989!
  12. we're 3rd in League One so that's why I'd like top 3!
  13. You cant null and void it! No way is that fair on any team!
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