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  1. Ended on a draw with Doncaster, onto next season now. However this was our biggest points tally for quite a few years (also on another season it would have been enough for a play off spot)
  2. So I've just been playing the game for the first time in a while, did I see that they added Bron Brekker or just the NXT 2.O arena? Sorry that I'm slow on the uptake
  3. Yeah this season has been competitive, I'm hoping next season might not be as bad, Derby and Barnsley will be in and around it, Bolton should be, hopefully we are, then Ipswich and Pompey, obviously whoever misses out in the Play Offs
  4. Lol well we'll see you next season
  5. Beat those MK Fakes! 2 points off the play offs, got Rotherham away Saturday, they're wobbling
  6. Beat Fleetwood 3-2, got MK Fakes on Tuesday night
  7. Lost to Sunderland, shall see you next season @Muur
  8. We've got Sunderland on Saturday, if we beat them then I'll be ecstatic however I just can't see it
  9. @Muur hopefully we'll both be in and around the top next season! If Bolton away is doable for me I'll be there
  10. Lost to Plymouth, we play Morecambe away Tuesday, need to win if we're going to be still in the hunt
  11. Will be downloading some of these as soon as I fire the game up! Awesome stuff
  12. 95th minute equaliser against Ipswich on Saturday!
  13. Are they releasing the NWO pack later on? I know it's been done on previous games
  14. Beat Shrewsbury 2-1, now onto Ipswich at home next Saturday
  15. I agree! I'm not a huge Rey fan but now I have to play as him to unlock more superstars to actually play as?
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