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  1. Sucks but oh well I guess. What do you want to bet due to covid they won't even utilize the extra time. Hell even without I bet they wouldn't.
  2. Reported. Bout time someone put me in my place lol
  3. So far yes. And a brand new pokeball plus at that.
  4. I really hope we get Gohan with the great saiyaman oufit without the headgear. Like he had after the tournament.
  5. Me too honestly. At least the fictional themes.
  6. That Vegeta footage is awesome. This game looks fun as hell. Also looks like that pretty much confirms we'll get some Trunks backstory. Happy about that.
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about that one. That was damn good for the GBC.
  8. Eighter (if I spelled it right, lol) is Android 8 from Dragonball that Goku befriended during the red ribbon army arc. Looks like Frankenstein. No those games only covered certain sagas per game. If you haven't played attack of the Saiyans for the DS I recommend it. Pretty cool little RPG turn based game. It's like they blended legacy of Goku and final fantasy together and it covers the tale end of Dragonball to the end of the Saiyan saga in Z. Wish they would have made sequels like they were supposed to.
  9. Yeah I'm hoping they add some cool stuff from the movies and maybe super later. I think some missions with Bardock and maybe even future Gohan and trunks in his timeline would be cool to play as a flashback or something when Trunks comes to warn them. So instead of just listening to him warning Goku we get a cool playable flashback sequence. Or they can do it before and we can play out the events and then actually play out him arriving and finding Frieza. I think there are supposed to be some cool extra missions or something that kind of fill out the story more and even just random shit that has nothing to do with anything. Like doing that quest for Eighter during the Saiyan arc. Pretty exciting shit. I don't even care how many times I've played the story over the years. This looks like the Dragonball game I've wanted forever and hope it lives up to it. The idea of having an attack of the Saiyan's or legacy of Goku game covering the entire story and in full 3d is a thing of beauty.
  10. The main issue I have is that it just isn't aesthetically pleasing to me. They'd have been better off going all out on it rather than the 2K approach because, for a Dragon Ball game especially, it doesn't fit the mould. In regards to the minimum covers, this is the kind of stuff I like. Gotcha. I can understand that. They definitely took from Spiderman on this one. I like it but I get it. I do like most of those covers too. Also glad they added the Buu saga. I figured they would but it's good to have it confirmed. @M3J they have some side quests that are made for this game so you never know what they'll do for later sagas. The preorder side quest seems like a cool filler episode.
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