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  1. Sucks but oh well I guess. What do you want to bet due to covid they won't even utilize the extra time. Hell even without I bet they wouldn't.
  2. Reported. Bout time someone put me in my place lol
  3. So far yes. And a brand new pokeball plus at that.
  4. I really hope we get Gohan with the great saiyaman oufit without the headgear. Like he had after the tournament.
  5. Me too honestly. At least the fictional themes.
  6. That Vegeta footage is awesome. This game looks fun as hell. Also looks like that pretty much confirms we'll get some Trunks backstory. Happy about that.
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about that one. That was damn good for the GBC.
  8. I just don't want to get into it over graphics. It has the RE engine. It looks good imo. I don't know what to compare it to. I guess RE2. Doesn't matter really. The game is going to be shit either way. It's kind of their way though. They cant keep momentum for shit. Release a great game and throw something retarded together to tie us over until the next big game.
  9. Eighter (if I spelled it right, lol) is Android 8 from Dragonball that Goku befriended during the red ribbon army arc. Looks like Frankenstein. No those games only covered certain sagas per game. If you haven't played attack of the Saiyans for the DS I recommend it. Pretty cool little RPG turn based game. It's like they blended legacy of Goku and final fantasy together and it covers the tale end of Dragonball to the end of the Saiyan saga in Z. Wish they would have made sequels like they were supposed to.
  10. Compared to what? They look pretty average to me. Ok. They really are pretty good. Not mind blowing by any means. But does it really matter? Do we really need to argue over something so miniscule? The gameplay looks sub-par and it's not a title most are going to spend money on when it could've been another outbreak title or a separate mode to a main game. That I'm pretty sure we can agree on. Graphics while clearly the strongest thing about this title is by far the least important thing. Especially to argue about.
  11. Graphics are great. Looks shit otherwise. This is something that should be packaged with a main title and not sold for 60 bucks by itself.
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