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  1. Don't know what we're allowed to say on here but to your first question, yes. At least mostly as far as I know. Don't think so on the next two questions.
  2. Doubtful. They'll likely just buy what they know or buy both. It would take a great reviewed game and big hype but we'll see.
  3. I guess it depends on your preferences on current and past wrestlers. And the amount of releases over the next few months. Right now personally, there's more for me wwe wise. We'll see in the future though. I'm probably getting both games anyway if they don't goof up too bad.
  4. I apologize in advance if you're being funny, but they won't lose out to a AEW game. Unless this game just sucks and has been stripped to nothing like JBI or 2k15 and it's just modern wrestlers, it'll be fine. And I seriously doubt it's that stripped. I imagine it'll be fine as long as they can control bugs somewhat. The licensing WWE owns and the amount of legends they have access to if they're smart enough to keep that going will be a much bigger seller than AEW games. I think the AEW game will do just fine but if they went head to head, it would probably hurt them more than 2k22.
  5. I would put money on it releasing this year. No way it doesn't. As I've said there are certain versions that may not until the first of next year or WM season. I could see that happening. But the last gen console versions will be out by late fall at the latest. This is when we normally start getting info and it wouldn't make any sense to hype this up and sponsor a PPV this early just to hold release for 8 months.
  6. I would say it's still getting a fall release. The last few years we've barely known a thing before Summerslam. Unless something happened or unless they are delaying certain versions of the game (pc or next gen), it will still hit October/November. They're not going to miss two fall releases in a row. As much as we needed the time for some hopeful upgrades or changes, I don't see WWE being good with that.
  7. Bdon

    E3 2021

    What a terrible show for the most part. They use a time normally spent for reveals and trailers on corporate and political nonsense. You know what brings people together? Games. There's a time and place for discussion but this isn't it. Just show us the goods. If you don't have the shit to show. Do like your boys on the Rockstar side and don't even show up. Also that square enix event...wtf?
  8. As long as it's not a 2k15 situation where we lose most of the features again because of it. I'm still a bit skeptical. Hopefully not that transitional though. I guess we should expect it but man JBI was such a meh game to me. 2k15 too.
  9. Same here. We've had this vast library for years and they are starting with no match markers and not a complete library. And it'll be several months until we may see it all. If we see it all. I'm hoping they don't further edit anything like from the attitude era because it's not on their own platform anymore. Just worried and a little frustrated.
  10. Maybe that's my problem with him.
  11. I will give you that. He can sell and take an ass whoopin'. Same with Orange Cassidy. Other than that I don't see alot of redeeming qualities in either one of them but that's just me.
  12. I would definitely agree. There are some good things here and there that I love but overall I guess I just don't like where most of them have been heading. Sad to be honest. I long for the old days where you get done watching a show and you're already ready for next week. Now it's more insulting to me. Maybe my ass is getting too old, lol. I was always a huge attitude era and ruthless aggression fan but now I'd even settle for early and mid 90s wrestling. AEW just hasn't been able to interest me. I watch waiting for them to get their shit together and it's taking longer than I would like. Hopefully one day.
  13. Not sure if it's unpopular because I haven't been on in sometime, but the whole idea behind them not wanting to focus on heels and babyfaces in a traditional sense is absolutely absurd. It makes most of your matches and angles absolutely pointless and leaves no room to build much over a longer period of time. No feeling of wanting to care about talent when there's nothing to relate to. And if they do do something right, it'll be completely looked over the following week. And they all do the same high risk spots and do it every week to the point it means nothing. Also Darby Allin and the Young Bucks are absolute jokes.
  14. I've been trying to keep up with AEW but half the time, Cornette's reviews are more entertaining. I think they have a few guys with some talent but as far as being that alternative to WWE that I wanted, it's just not hitting the mark. I've been watching everything out of habit, but I can't help but feel like my passion for watching is slipping. Can't remember the last time I've watched any show from any company without fast forwarding through most of it. That said, I can go back and watch any show or PPV from 10 years ago all the way back to the early 90s and watch the whole thing and just enjoy it.
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