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  1. Sucks but oh well I guess. What do you want to bet due to covid they won't even utilize the extra time. Hell even without I bet they wouldn't.
  2. Reported. Bout time someone put me in my place lol
  3. So far yes. And a brand new pokeball plus at that.
  4. I can't believe I'm saying this but I might actually skip this year altogether. If they get a ton fixed I may pick it up cheap on PC but I've got two versions of 2k19 so I guess I'll he fine. Plus I'm already behind and have so much to still play.
  5. I really hope we get Gohan with the great saiyaman oufit without the headgear. Like he had after the tournament.
  6. It's amazing after 4 years people are comparing and finding things they liked better in a stripped transition game like 2k15. What a time to be alive. Now we can be concerned over whatever problems next gen brings on top of yukes leaving. Should provide enough excuses for them and it'll just be another 5 or 6 mores years of "maybe next year". What a shitty cycle. This is starting to feel like thq all over again to be honest. It may not be as bad but it's still pretty bad. One thing I bet they won't forget every year is VC currency. And by the way I don't think yukes leaving is bad. Just more like we can never catch a break because it's always something.
  7. I really enjoy the CC from consoles because of people like gamevolt but it looks like PC version again this year if I get it.
  8. If they're all just goofy themes then most of it will be trash. The game very well could be trash not counting dlc. Southpaw is the only thing that could be cool if it turns out to be true.
  9. Losing more legends every year it seems like. No outlaws or anything added. Not a day one for me. It even looks like a game they went half ass on. Everyone looks weird. The hair is terrible and so are the facial expressions.
  10. How the hell do the hair physics just disappear from one game to the next. Jesus Christ are we going back in time?
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