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  1. Same here. We've had this vast library for years and they are starting with no match markers and not a complete library. And it'll be several months until we may see it all. If we see it all. I'm hoping they don't further edit anything like from the attitude era because it's not on their own platform anymore. Just worried and a little frustrated.
  2. Maybe that's my problem with him.
  3. I will give you that. He can sell and take an ass whoopin'. Same with Orange Cassidy. Other than that I don't see alot of redeeming qualities in either one of them but that's just me.
  4. Not sure if it's unpopular because I haven't been on in sometime, but the whole idea behind them not wanting to focus on heels and babyfaces in a traditional sense is absolutely absurd. It makes most of your matches and angles absolutely pointless and leaves no room to build much over a longer period of time. No feeling of wanting to care about talent when there's nothing to relate to. And if they do do something right, it'll be completely looked over the following week. And they all do the same high risk spots and do it every week to the point it means nothing. Also Darby Allin and the Young Bucks are absolute jokes.
  5. Yeah unfortunately. Just the best way to pay off things. And yeah I bought it existing. Sucks but it is what it is I guess. Just hope things work out well with everything.
  6. Man no theater is playing it around me. I can't wait to see it!
  7. Going through a divorce and trying to sell my business because of it. So things could be worse but I haven't had much time for anything lately, lol.
  8. Played the first hour and a half last night. Truly incredible so far. Some of the fights are challenging, the swinging and traversing is phenomenal and the dialogue and attention to detail hasn't been done in a Spiderman game before. At least not this level. I can't wait to get back home and play more.
  9. Those long track shots are what this needed. Very pumped!
  10. And how's that? Because they announced the full list before the game is out? I hate people who bitch about that. Giving a description and title to each of the DLC add-ons doesn't mean the content is finished, or could have been in the game at launch. It's just a statement of "here is what we're adding when it's finished". People who complain about getting a rundown of upcoming DLC are the lowest form of gamers. Also, the price for all three add-ons is cheap, IMO, for what it sounds like the content offers. $25 for three entire story arcs is not bad at all. We could all do far worse. Yeah that's what their hang up is. They feel like the first DLC getting released so soon after the game is out is cut content. It doesn't mean it is but I can understand both sides here. I'm sure the others are not finished though. And I wouldn't call them the lowest form of gamers. The industry hasn't exactly been the best in their business practices so you can't blame a lot of them. And I agree the price isn't bad at all. Depends on how long the story arcs are too though. Have they mentioned how long yet? That makes a difference too.
  11. I'm still behind on a few games. Still haven't even played God of War yet. I think I'm pushing that and Tomb Raider back. I might even push Spyro and Hitman back too. I'm also glad they postponed Battlefield. I'm 100% getting Spiderman day one and between WWE, Red Dead, Pokemon, and Smash Bros it's already a nightmare, lol. Not too bad of one but still. This fall is crazy stacked. I might even skip Fallout altogether. Can't wait for Spidey though. I guess people are pretty pissed at this DLC business.
  12. This is just incredible! And the art style is....did I mention how amazing that shit looks! Here's the english version:
  13. Bout time!! That's awesome!
  14. I kinda figured he found them after the escape near the facility and killed them to get his mask back. Looks like the documentary crew is to blame for pissing him off though. Michael was triggered lol. Would be interesting if there was a bit more to this guy though.
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