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  1. The fetus Cell in Dr Gero's lab. Krillin killed it. Krilliin killed Cell. :D

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    2. Scorpion™


      Oh haha. Have you seen Battle of Gods yet?

    3. Scorpion™


      Oh haha. Have you seen Battle of Gods yet?

    4. AlterNation


      I have not. I've heard that it's not great though.

  2. Did you use PS4 Share for those? How're they so high qualty?
  3. You have the best avatars on this site. They're gorgeous.

    1. WH!!


      Lol it's nothin, I just explore tumblr a lot, collect gifs I think are cool from there & resize them. Thanks though, I try to get those that are unique. ;)

  4. Clementine's house from Telltale's The Walking Dead in The Last of Us.
  5. Marcus, why you bypass da censors? Don't be doin that. Safe?

  6. *censored*ing hell! Every time I see one of your posts you have a different avatar. STAHP

    1. Muur


      I was going through a few to see which I wanted for the next few days, I usually do that at this time of night aha

  7. I am as mad a hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!

  8. What is up with your sig? XD

  9. I'd rather not sleep with the fishes 'cause they stink of fish.

  10. Come on, babe. Give grandpa some sugar.

  11. Roses are red, violets are blue. I hate poems, I need to poo..

  12. I promise I wasn't. More weirded out than anything.

  13. Is it weird that I've seen your avatar before you started using it?

  14. Hiiiiiiiiii.

    And yes DBZ Abridged :)

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