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  1. From the stuff that I saw it seems it was due to how explicit the stuff she was posting had gotten. Like, I wont give any details obviously, but some of it borderlined on pornography.
  2. Thankfully yeah. Got a booster a while ago too so it could be worse. I hope I don't lose my taste eventually cause that sounds miserable.
  3. It took nearly 3 years but I finally got COVID. Jesus christ everything is aching.
  4. Just finished the main story. I love this game.
  5. Platinum'd Bloodborne. GOAT game. *censored*ing love it.
  6. I just beat Bloodborne! Never thought I'd be able to say that.
  7. Taking a little break from Bloodborne at the moment. Got through a truckload of Chalice Dungeons just to fight the Pthumerian Queen. Still got to finish the DLC and main story yet. Ludwig might just be my favourite boss fight ever. Holy shit. Playing Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series (PS5) and really enjoying it too. The first game is so unhealthily adorable.
  8. I am so close to beating Bloodborne. Just beat Micolash and his annoying mouth. I've probably way overleveled. Three bosses to go in the main story, but I bought the DLC so I'm gonna go through that beforehand. Yeah I think I love this game.
  9. I'm interested to see what happens with Barrett when McAfee comes back. If he's definitely coming back, that is.
  10. I got to meet William Regal today at an Inside The Ropes show. It was a great show too. Lots of good stories.
  11. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (PS1) Great point and click adventure game but the PS1 port is a real slog to play, even with a mouse.
  12. I like Priest's and Rhea's, but Balor's is horrid. They still have this issue where the music sounds flat because of the mixing and it shows a lot on Balor's theme.
  13. Someone has leaked a *Censored*-tonne of early GTA6 footage. Holy crap.
  14. I'm really enjoying it so far! Old Yharnam and the Blood-starved Beast kicked my ass (damn poison). Had to summon a hunter to help with that. (Arthur I think? Alfred) I made it way more difficult for myself because I hadn't started using the other consumables like Beast Pellets or Lures at that point. I ended up beating Vicar Amelia first try, too, though! I'd started actually looking at the consumables I had and saw I had a bunch of Fire Papers to use, so that fight went really well. I'm taking my time with it and mostly grinding at the moment. As for the other games, maybe? From what I've heard Elden Ring seems like it's the most beginner friendly so I might give that a go eventually.
  15. Still on Bloodborne and just beat Father Gascoigne on my first try. Proper proud of that.
  16. Started on Bloodborne. Never played a From Software game before and it was already in my library so I might as well. Made the mistake of farming blood echoes before I was even able to level up by fighting the first boss once. Whoops. Made it to the Cleric Beast so now I can start the game proper.
  17. The recent talk around Konami is definitely interesting. Between those potential Silent Hill leaks and the rumours of a new remastered Metal Gear Solid collection (1-3) possibly happening, it's so weird that they might be moving back into full AAA gaming again. They're supposedly going to announce something major at Tokyo Game Show so we'll just have to wait and see.
  18. I hope they announce Edge for Clash tonight. If I wake up to learn nothing's happening I may cry.
  20. Gawd damn Drew's promo was good.
  21. IC Title main eventing. Shinsuke in tights. Life's good.
  22. Little Nightmares. I like this more than Limbo so far.
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