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  1. It's equals to WWE fans "loltna" when the product was at its peak and was generally very good.
  2. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    You can see it from both sides tbh. Sane was clearly out of it, yet Charlotte still forces her up into a Powerbomb and put her through a table. Whether she knew she was out of it at that point, who knows. From what I remember it wasn't until after that spot that Asuka checked on Kairi. Who knows what Kairi said to Asuka, people have had their head rocked before and acted like they were fine and it wasn't until the very end of the match that Becky checked on Kairi and told her to stay out of the rest of the match. People are stating the other three were communicating between one another but nobody knows what information was being passed. Can we blame Charlotte for it? Probably not. She might have taken a couple of liberties at the time but did she know? Maybe the Refs should have been more involved and checking on her more thoroughly. This whole "That's what you do in Wrestling" narrative people are going with is BS though. Yes some do (if they're capable) work through injuries but the main idea is to protect the person you're working with. If she thought she was in no fit shape to continue she should have made that call and worked around the rest of the match. THAT is what you do in Wrestling.
  3. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    They probably concentrated on the word "Involuntary" and the charges being eventually dropped probably helped. They also have a guy who most likely covered up Brody's death. There are a few questionable entries in the HoF.
  4. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    Yeah, I think it is more likely that he is in major denial about his sexuality or has serious regret about starring in gay porn than him being blackmailed or bribed into into doing it. That is quite a leap to get to that scenario with the little information we have.
  5. Beyond Gorilla is one of the best on the scene right now
  6. I swear...everyone from UK based promotions look exactly the same to me. That guy on the left looks like a straight Pete Dunne clone, and those other guys just look like generic lads. Welp. Spike Trivet is one of the best up and coming talents, probably the best heel in the UK right now. However, Paul Robinson does look exactly the same as Los Federales Santos Jr. You're right.
  7. There was me not caring if the Ascension went to AEW.Then you done gone posted this.
  8. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    Could always just ignore him.
  9. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    Curious what Lethal did to deserve being called Uncle Tom.
  10. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    They're in a delicate situation on how to handle it. If they fire or punish him, it will more than likely blow up in their face. They need to tread very carefully.
  11. Slevin.

    WWE Drama

    I believe it would be this. At the end of the day the threat of losing your place in WWE isn't as dooming as it was a few years ago. While you would lose employment there are defo options out there at the moment. Rush job or not, they made a piss poor move and him raising his initial concerns and it being released still is more alarming. Literally could've just written it in some Anime writing and it would've made sense but nope, welcome to the black and white minstrel show.
  12. Almost every retired Wrestler does some form of that. Given his contract with UFC and his other business ventures he probably doesn't have to do this and instead wants to or is just doing it for the fans. Pretty sure he said the reason he's doing this particular one is because it is local and he can just go home right after it.
  13. https://twitter.com/oldathers/status/1165016357597061121?s=19 https://twitter.com/WalterAUT/status/1165213282912886784?s=19 OH MY GOD!!! There were defo some people missing the joke about this on twitter. Up in arms about a big man doing a 619, without knowing the context.
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