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  1. But Cena would've kicked out at 2.
  2. This cage match was so much better than the tables match from last night.
  3. Rollins deserves a win over Cena so damn much.
  4. King Bork better come out and destroy Cena.
  5. But Reigns is no different.
  6. Still better than a Cena clone.
  7. Mizdow >>>>>>>>>>>>> Reins
  8. Crowd proving again that they're retarded. That was the best and smoothest F5 since his return.
  9. No title lmao. Dat scream tho.
  10. Doesn't deserve to be bottom post #mindyabiz Those gotta be the hottest Rosebuds so far. Lmao the Bunny got rekt twice.
  11. He just shuffles And screams at random people.
  12. Worst moment to chant for NXT. Everyone in the ring except Goldust are young talent. This crowd is indeed retarded.
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