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White Leather Jacket

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  1. Did you take down all yours CAWs my good man couldn't find any?
  2. He's got personal stuff going on with his life. I've known him for quiet along time.
  3. Man you get pissed off easy it's a game not everyone is gonna have there CAWs uploaded quick. Lol.
  4. Myers is up if your keen to download him. cant wait to see them.
  5. I've got something to show you soon Oz and you may like it.
  6. About time for the next update always look forward to Liedhamer as its Drengurs long time rival. Lol.
  7. About time you back Punch. Yeah I know what you mean Oz people just steal these days.
  8. I totally agree. I'm already on Twitter so that's good.
  9. As Oz said he won't until he reaches the next tier and unlock more upload slots.
  10. Before my good man. I managed a work around for it. Just have to recreate the CAW again.
  11. Might have to be careful. I encountered the face texture glitch last night only on 2 of my CAWs.
  12. Ah sorry about that we must have replied at the same time.
  13. Here's his profile http://caws.ws/forum/index.php?showuser=37930
  14. I just read it and i think he will be banned for a while for saying that to you.
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