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  1. This place really has gone to shit hasn't it? Not like people care about the CAWs these days.
  2. Did you take down all yours CAWs my good man couldn't find any?
  3. First up here's Blade Myers. He's pretty much the father of all my CAW's the very first CAW I ever made and my favorite. Second up here's Blake Harnage. The last 2 attires you see near the bottom are more of a PPV type attires for him. Last up here's Kazuo Nakashi. He's my Cruiserweight got a lot of plans and ideas with him. Went with the Yakaza vibe for him which works perfect. His finisher is Black Mass (Ansatsu meaning Assassination) Will show off the others real soon. Also all 3 of them are uploaded tags are: CAW, SIM, WLJ
  4. I'm back. I've done a lot since the last time I posted here might show stuff off soon.
  5. I've decided to continue on 2K19 got some dope stuff to show soon.
  6. CAWs are looking great as usual bro. You gonna finish of Lionheart on 19?
  7. Any chance to grab Lionheart my good man?
  8. So I'm done with this place for now as it's pretty dead, but you can find my stuff on Twitter. BlakeHarnage__ to look for me.
  9. Heard of you do the hair glitch and then swap the positions of them it works better.
  10. So I'm pretty much done here posting my stuff, it's not like anyone checks it out anyway if you guys wanna check my stuff out check out my twitter its underneath my banner.
  11. He's got personal stuff going on with his life. I've known him for quiet along time.
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