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  1. Oni and Tenko Added. Oni is based on Akuma and is Pure Evil. Tenko is based on Gouken which is the good one. Basically Brothers where Oni hates his Brother with a passion.
  2. So I know it's getting less and less this year with showing off creations and what not, so I thought I'd make a thread for everyone here in this community to show off any of your creations. I thought I'd bring this topic back to help people out with original CAWs etc. I originally made this idea for 2K19.
  3. Got some more stuff to show soon. Also if you want to see any of my work my Twitter is OctopusJS
  4. More CAW's added. "Creator of Giants" Drengur Bjornsson. "The Octopus" Jack Snyder. "The Assassain" Kazuo Nagashi.
  5. So I know this is typical CAWs.ws where most topics are dead, but I have some more stuff to show off soon.
  6. Sup guys it's been a long time since I have been here. I'm back to show off you creations for 2K22. "The Devil" Blade Myers: "God of War" Blake Harnage: Bull Dooley: "Creator of Giants" Drengur Bjornsson: "The Octopus" Jack Snyder: "The Assassain" Kazuo Nagashi: Oni: Punt Dooley: Spaz Dooley: Tenko:
  7. Ah sorry about that we must have replied at the same time.
  8. Here's his profile http://caws.ws/forum/index.php?showuser=37930
  9. I just read it and i think he will be banned for a while for saying that to you.
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