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  1. Did you take down all yours CAWs my good man couldn't find any?
  2. He's got personal stuff going on with his life. I've known him for quiet along time.
  3. Man you get pissed off easy it's a game not everyone is gonna have there CAWs uploaded quick. Lol.
  4. I like Nadia Dorn a lot. Kinda reminds me of Victor Dorn when you had him.
  5. Yeah I definitely know a thing or 2 in community participation. I've updated the topic header so people know what I actually meant it was used for.
  6. Myers is up if your keen to download him. cant wait to see them.
  7. See wasnt such a bad idea to make this. I don't care for opinions on a thread I make just thought I'd help out. I've been around here for quiet a long time. 13 years or so.
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