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  1. Looks far from amazing imo. Dunno why but i got Digimon movie vibes from it.
  2. First Hell in a Cell - HBK vs Taker Badd Blood 97. Still holds strong even today. In fact it's a lot better than some of the stuff you'd find today.
  3. Ngl Pat vs Cole is the most exciting part of the card, so far. Not a negative, they've just got me hooked on the story.
  4. Ooooft, might steal that for my universe mode ahaha
  5. One Night Stand 08 was a really enjoyable PPV as a whole.
  6. Personally i thought Brock was brilliant in the Rumble match. It actual showed a story and he made Drew look amazing. Pretty sure Drew has spoken about how Brock helped with ideas and putting the Rumble match together.
  7. I agree with you for the most part. However what may shut them down is performers going into self isolation.
  8. Man i really enjoyed last night. I thought it was a stronger night than Saturday. I enjoyed Rhea vs Charlotte. I don't have much of a problem with Charlotte winning. I'm intrigued with her being on NXT now. Rhea v Charlotte isn't done either and the story is going to be built further from Rhea losing. I was also more disappointed with Becky winning than Charlotte winning. I felt Shayna needed that win considering the build up and i honestly don't know where Becky goes from here. Man i really digged Edge vs Orton. Maybe it went on a tad too long but i thought it was done well with how they used the whole performance centre, it was a match that could have taken place on a normal PPV and not looked out of place. The ending was so well done with Edge tearing up before hitting Orton with the chair. I loved the Bianca spot for the Street Profits. The ending to Black/Lashley was jokes. Didn't think much of the SD Women's Title match but excited to see a potential face Sasha vs heel Bayley. I LOVED Cena vs The Fiend. I didn't know what to expect but i enjoyed it so much. I thought it was hilarious in parts. For me this was the best part/match from Mania 36. Need to watch it again. Happy Drew won. The match was okay, you knew it was going to be short. I can appreciate how good Lesnar is in terms of making others look like stars and his overall selling however i'm just sick of him as champion. Knowing WWE he'll probs get it back in 4-5 months time. Mania wasn't it's usual self but there were Mania moments across the weekend for sure and i thought they did a great job considering the current climate. Many people across the world would have needed this in these bleak times and they provided with a good 6 hours worth of entertainment across the weekend where it made you forget about what was going on in the world for a split second. And for that WWE should be applauded.
  9. Ffs wish i didn't read your posts now. Thank god i only noticed right at the end!
  10. It's Orton v Edge/Lesnar v Drew/Cena v The Fiend and Rhea v Charlotte which has me hyped. From that stand point i think it can be better than last night.
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