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  1. How would it sorta contradict it? It's clear that Obi Wan has blinders on when it comes to Anakin. Part of it is because his elders telling him to forget about his questions, such as when he went to Mace Windu about his belief that Anakin was developing feelings for Padme. Obi Wan's hope was that Anakin's devotion to the Jedi was more powerful than his love for Padme and that in the end he'd choose the Jedi like he chose. If you're going to pick and choose what is Canon, you might as well just take it trilogy by trilogy. There's things in the original trilogy which don't make sense when taken into context with the prequels including Luke and Leia talking about their mother and the age of Ben and Vader in the of series. If you follow the trilogy chronologically, Ben was 57 in A New Hope and Vader was 41. That's why I prefer Ewan and Hayden as the force ghosts, especially Hayden when it comes to Anakin.
  2. Because Johnny Ace wanted him to do either a big boot or a dropkic off the top rope.
  3. The problem isn't so much that she's black. The problem is that she's not orange. People don't give Gamora shit for being an African American character because she's semi comic accuray about this Starfire. Cosplayers can do better jobs. Bodypainy and prosthetics would be cheaper than the sfx they used. Outside of her the rest of the show is a shit show. Raven may be worse casting than Starfire. At least Starfire is tall and hot like her comic character. The tone is also more akin to a parody of the characters. A grimdark Grayson goes against everything that is Grayson. It's like making Spiderman grimdark. Making Dove violent makes even less sense.
  4. Dragic never played in the Euroleague and Rubio was praised for his passing ability. He never was a scorer even in Euroleague. Doncic, while only averaging 16, is Euroleague's third highest scorer. While it is just the Euroleague, it is a higher brand of basketball than college or the developmental league. With that said, Ayton has a huge ceiling offensively. He's not as polished as Cousins coming out of college, but has the same ability minus the attitude. I'd select him number one. I think this class has some pretty good big men. Ayton and Bagley are both good offensively and Bamba looks like a future dpoy.
  5. Some people just don't get mental illness. They don't understand there are different levels of depression or anxiety.
  6. She basically said that she has overcome depression in the past. A fan tweeted that they find her overcoming mental illness inspirational because they have anxiety. Ivelisse tweeted that neither depression nor anxiety are a mental illness.
  7. So, you see the prequels as like a made for Lifetime film based on actual events? I don't mind the prequel trilogy. There are both some good and bad. My biggest problem, however, is the acting and dialog. Both problems lie with Lucas. Lucas should have had someone rework his dialog, especially the romantic dialog. He also should have had someone else direct. The way a lot of the actors and actresses acted paled in comparison to other works they've done. I really liked the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. The Clone Wars show was deeper, but the Rebels show is funner. Two of the best story arcs of Clone Wars was the arc with Krell and the arc with Fives.
  8. I don't blame him that much. I think many people signing the contract expected eventual touring if the show took off. At the least, there's no reason why there shouldn't be at least monthly live LU branded shows. I don't think any wrestlers believed they would be paid for a few days of matches a few times a year. As hot a commodity that Ricochet is it's costing him money. If he was a free agent he could leverage it and have everyone bidding for him. He'd make a lot more money regardless of where he went.
  9. The worst thing AAA did was fire Konnan. Konnan was not only the head booker, but also the head of talent relations and the sole talent scout. He's the one who brought in and cultivated talent like Penta and Fenix. All of the younger wrestlers have a close relationship with him. As long as The Crash stays hot and can offer the wrestlers a decent pay, AAA is going to continue to lose wrestlers until they quit screwing them over.
  10. TIL that Paul Bearer was a wrestler before he became a manager. TIL that Bearer worked as ring crew with Michael Hayes, John Tatum, and Robert Gibson. TIL that Bearer has a cousin that wrestles named Marcelle Pringle. Marcelle was one of Hardcore Holly's trainers.
  11. Austin at the time was going to be in an angle with Eddie. Flair and Benoit were also involved. It has been theorized that the angle would lead to a stable with Flair, Benoit, and Eddie. He was a huge fan of Dusty and due to his similar build initially was going to name himself "Rambling" Ricky Rhodes.
  12. It looked like Evans was mimicking what he thought someone having a seizure would look like. Have people seen many seizures? My neighbor had diabetes and would constantly have seizures. Once he had a seizure on his riding mower and kept driving it in a circle.
  13. I like Gresham, but why not sign Joey Janela? Years ago I thought Janela was the young talent that stood out the most in CZW when people were talking about Lio Rush.
  14. The USWA was acting as a developmental of sorts at the time. The only reason it isn't seen as such is because The Rock was the only rookie to come out of there. The WWE did send wrestlers there to refined gimmicks and to try out new characters. After USWA closed, the WWE continued their Lawler and Memphis developmental connection with Power Pro Wrestling. Guys like Angle, Albert and Shawn Stasiak were sent to PPW before coming to the WWE. After PPW lost their developmental deal due to Doug Gilbert's famous live shoot, the WWE turned to Memphis Championship Wrestling. Guys like Cade, Bryan, Kendrick, Victoria, 3 Minute Warning, and the Haas Brothers all had developmental deals with MCW.
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