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  1. Im sure this has been mentioned but just in case not, when I do Aleister Blacks entrance it at times loses focus and hes blurry during parts. Anyone else having this issue? Again if this has been said already just ignore.
  2. Same issue I just talked about. It's not the logos that are the problem. Yeah its ridiculous. Also when I was creating my Roman Reigns alt, Id change logo colors and then when Id go back into the file I just saved the colors would default back to their original color and even if i didnt go back into the CAS, they would change the color back to the default when I went to play a match. Just annoying.
  3. Game isnt letting me download my logos from image maker. I saved them as png files and these worked fine on the previous game so not sure why this is an issue now.
  4. Chewie and possibly Han will die Luke will not turn but will be the teacher/Obi-Wan type in Ep VIII.
  5. Looks amazing!!! Again if this movie doesn't beat out the opening weekend record and Avatar I don't know what will.
  6. That....is a thing of beauty!!!!!
  7. If this movie doesn't beat out Avatar I don't know what will.
  8. If Brady is soo innocent, why would he have his lawyers contradict themselves by saying that they will now accept a suspension if it's for Brady not cooperating with the NFL and their investigation when just a short time ago they were saying that they had cooperated fully with investigators? If you did nothing wrong why accept a suspension for anything if you supposedly did nothing wrong? And no one destroys their phone on the day you are supposed to meet with investigators unless you are trying to hide something.
  9. Personally the only way I can see Brady getting any sort of reduction in the suspension is if he presents new evidence (which he destroyed so the chances of anything new coming out is impossible) or by taking a lie detector test and passing and there's no way he will ever do that.
  10. You do know that he cheated right? He's lucky he only got 4 games. He purposely destroyed his cell phone to cover up evidence that he cheated.
  11. The Pats are in a no win situation, if the Pats win this Sunday they only won because they cheated to get there, if they lose then they shouldn't have been there in the first place because they cheated. If this was the NBA or MLB they would have been suspended immediately and would face a possible ban depending on how long thy have been doing it for.
  12. I mean they can't not have a Super Bowl. Not saying that, Colts should win by default and play in the Super Bowl. If it's proven that the Pats cheated it should be no different than if they had taken PEDs or bribed officials, it's cheating. They should be dq'd and then each player or coach involved should face suspensions.
  13. What old faces???I saw 2 trailers. One international trailer and one where the thumbnail of the vid was a X-Fighter pilot. And in one of them I saw, Chewie, CP30 & R2D2.Where did you see the international one?? Nvm LMFAO I totally fell for the hoax. Its a fake. Thought something was off. Nvm, thankfully I did see the actual trailer. Oh lol! I was about to say the only ones I saw on YouTube were hoaxes except for the one that was released today.
  14. What old faces???I saw 2 trailers. One international trailer and one where the thumbnail of the vid was a X-Fighter pilot. And in one of them I saw, Chewie, CP30 & R2D2. Where did you see the international one??
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