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  1. How many more of these bugs are they going to have? Pathetic! Its going to take a whole hell of a lot for them to make me even think about buying next years game.
  2. Is everyone on X1 still having problems with this?
  3. Would we even want 2K21 at this rate??
  4. This is bullshit!! WTF 2K!!!
  5. Is the Fiend update available yet? Have Xbox One
  6. No thanks, all hands on deck for patching first. And why cant we get both at the same time? Why is it always one or the other? They can announce that they are doing a patch and they can announce the DLC, DLC thats actual WWE content and not their 2k Originals nonsense.
  7. Im sure this has been mentioned but just in case not, when I do Aleister Blacks entrance it at times loses focus and hes blurry during parts. Anyone else having this issue? Again if this has been said already just ignore.
  8. So they just totally took away the ability to edit face paint colors on superstars in the game now??? Wow, we complain about not be able to actually change the face paint on guys like Sting and Warrior and now we cant even change the color of it. Way to go 2K, way to keep on ruining things and taking things out so you can have your MyPlayer and 2k Original Modes
  9. This is my first year trying the MyPlayer, normally dont bother with it, now i see where the entire game budget goes to, kinda seems like a waste to me
  10. Same issue I just talked about. It's not the logos that are the problem. Yeah its ridiculous. Also when I was creating my Roman Reigns alt, Id change logo colors and then when Id go back into the file I just saved the colors would default back to their original color and even if i didnt go back into the CAS, they would change the color back to the default when I went to play a match. Just annoying.
  11. Game isnt letting me download my logos from image maker. I saved them as png files and these worked fine on the previous game so not sure why this is an issue now.
  12. Also besides the color issues with logos, there are placement issues. Sometimes when you save a logo on a shirt or tights, when the wrestler loads for a match, it places the logo about 4-5 inches higher than where you put the logo when you were creating the attire.
  13. The CAS mode absolutely sucks. Been just trying to change colors of logos and when you go back in to edit them they default back to their original color. I dont think I have played as glitchy a WWE game as this upon release ever
  14. Lots of bugs, first match I tried to sim it crashed. Hogans hair is awful if you try and take off the bandana in CAS. The material options for logos dont appear to work as I tried altering the material on some logos on tights and it adjusted the entire material for the tights. The whole game just seems very glitchy and jumpy.
  15. Keep those limited days behind us. With what they probably spent on getting Hogan in the game, just very lame they couldnt make a classic 1980s version of him. Having alt attires for the wrestlers is one of the best additions theyve ever done for the game, lets not revert back to what it used to be
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