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  1. How many more of these bugs are they going to have? Pathetic! Its going to take a whole hell of a lot for them to make me even think about buying next years game.
  2. Is everyone on X1 still having problems with this?
  3. Would we even want 2K21 at this rate??
  4. This is bullshit!! WTF 2K!!!
  5. Is the Fiend update available yet? Have Xbox One
  6. Im sure this has been mentioned but just in case not, when I do Aleister Blacks entrance it at times loses focus and hes blurry during parts. Anyone else having this issue? Again if this has been said already just ignore.
  7. Same issue I just talked about. It's not the logos that are the problem. Yeah its ridiculous. Also when I was creating my Roman Reigns alt, Id change logo colors and then when Id go back into the file I just saved the colors would default back to their original color and even if i didnt go back into the CAS, they would change the color back to the default when I went to play a match. Just annoying.
  8. Game isnt letting me download my logos from image maker. I saved them as png files and these worked fine on the previous game so not sure why this is an issue now.
  9. No, that probably wont be revealed till after the launch. Thats BS, theyve never done that before. Im at the point where I just dont even care about this game any more and DLC is the only hope I have left for this game
  10. Still no word on any post launch DLC yet?
  11. They had better give us something good with all the shot they have been throwing at us, no good DLC this year and its likely Im cancelling my preorder and just wont get the game this year
  12. I don't like Punk but if you think UFC lost money on this, you're crazy. Edit: Deleted your post as well, we don't talk about illegal streams here. Would think more people tuned in to watch the world title bout than they did CM Punk. The question is where do they go from here with him because even though he earned props for just stepping into the octagon, he did get beat soundly and it wasn't competitive at all. Don't know if UFC would really take another chance on him highlighting a PPV. Maybe they should have him just start fighting on regular TV to see if he can actually win a fight or two before putting him on PPV again. Oh and for the record, I didn't illegally stream, I watched a replay. Wasn't a live stream.
  13. Pretty sure his one fight only would've made UFC a profit which is why they brought him in... to sell tickets. He was always going to be a circus act. Plus now they have the guy who murderd CM Punk as a draw. Yeah but that doesn't say much, I mean Punk never should have been in there in the first place. He wasn't strong enough in the weight class he was in so he lost weight so he could face Gall and he still got squashed.
  14. Now go home Punk, be with AJ, and don't ever come back. Two years for two minutes of ring time, way to waste UFC's money and effort to try and turn you into something you are not. And now no one should question that Brock is the real deal, Punk is just a pro wrestler and he never should have left WWE, now he's been humiliated and he better not use that as an excuse to try and come back to the WWE. Stay gone Punk.
  15. Chewie and possibly Han will die Luke will not turn but will be the teacher/Obi-Wan type in Ep VIII.
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