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  1. Update: Power Rangers Uploaded as well as my personal caw and Michael Myers. Thanks to everyone for the downloads.
  2. Only 80 more downloads left guys, then I can Upload the Power Rangers, who I am glad to say I got around to doing a move-set for. Also once my rank goes up to silver along with the Power Rangers, I will also be re uploading Michael Myers, & my personal CAW who I've already uploaded a MIT Briefcase for as well as My Own Custom Show/Arena. The Rangers are that much closer guys.
  3. https://twitter.com/brianthespaz/status/1074857055259947008
  4. Another year, another game. This thread is to showcase my "Show/Arena" creations which I'm not planning on doing many aside from this one and possibly my personal custom show I've been doing the past 2 games. Monday Night RAW '96 Show/Arena Status: Uploaded #Spaz86, #Monday Night Raw, #1996 Complete with full "Retro Style" WWE logos
  5. Updated the showcase images in 1st post. I'm still waiting to Rank up for the rangers guys. Sorry its taking so long.
  6. Update: Billy Gunn Uploaded with 4 attire(Retros have a hidden surprise.
  7. Update: Added updated face and body previews to 1st post, possibly final. As always suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. In-Game Shots
  8. Update: New Billy Gunn preview added to first post, full attires previewed. In need of some input on the face as I've hit a wall.
  9. Update: Billy Gunn preview added to first post. Any suggestions on ths guys? I'm going back and forth with his face.
  10. Update: Road Dogg uploaded with 4 attires & Brian "The Spaz" taken down to make room. He has been uploaded already but, Its a simple fix on everybody's end if they choose.
  11. Update: Road Dogg final preview added to first post. Any suggestions please get them in before Saturday. In Game Shots
  12. Cleaned the nose area with a texture as well as lightened the eyebrows.
  13. Made a new texture and made some tweaks to the face morph. I'm digging it so far. Any input guys?
  14. Another year, another game. This thread is to showcase my "Wrestling" creations. Billy Gunn Status: Uploaded #Spaz86, #Billy Gunn, #New Age Outlaws Retro attires have a small hidden surprise! He has full moves, entrance, & ect. Road Dogg Jesse James Status: Uploaded #Spaz86, #Road Dogg, #New Age Outlaws Decided to change things up a bit and make that D-O double G Road Dogg Jesse James. He has full moves, entrance, & ect.
  15. Thanks glad they are liked. As soon as I rank up the rangers will be up.
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