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  1. lol the thought of her doing that..idk. It just doesn't seem to fit her. Ric had this somewhat wimpy look to him that made it perfect, but with Charlotte she's this tall, extremely athletic woman. Yea. I'd rather her not make that a thing for herself on a regular bases.
  2. Was hoping Taynara would make it. Hopefully she does go else where if she leaves the WWE. I'd like to see her in AEW tbh.
  3. The Rocks return in 2011 and Brocks in 2012 also.
  4. It's not a wrestling nickname. It's a earned strongman title. The same way Kurt Angle can't give "Olympic Gold Medalist" to someone else True, damn true.
  5. Yeah that's stupid. Why should I be invested in a character that has absolutely nothing interesting going for it to me? All they had him do was be a lucha wrestler that shouts Lucha Lucha". Yawn.
  6. Babyfaces in general suck in WWE now. Terrible writing. Rollins was 10 times better as a heel.
  7. I kinda liked Jimmy Hart with Hogan back in the day.
  8. Alicia had her time anyway. Still think they should have did more with her during that crazy gimmick but oh well.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if WWE would want to keep him just because they'd want to keep Maria on.
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