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  1. So I received the latest patch and I realized that you can no longer import shows in Universe Mode. Am I just imagining things or did they take it out?
  2. If so can you guys let me know how to do a KOTR?
  3. I saw after the patch that you can assign both male and female as a team. There is a video footage that I saw I can't remember where though.
  4. For example Eric Young as a Tag Team partner and Niki Cross as a Team Member?
  5. I have actually, make sure when you're selecting a character in play mode that the Entrance is on.
  6. Is this only happening to me? I have been playing Universe Mode and noticed that I haven't seen any mid-match/post match interference.
  7. I have had about 6 matches that lasted 6 seconds. Why is it so simple to defeat the opponents?
  8. I was just playing a match and Miz came out before the count of 3 on my opponent. Do these types of interference occur in Universe as well? Can anyone please confirm?
  9. Yeah I agree, I love Universe Mode this year! I had no idea that cutscenes can happen in non-rivalries matches. I have encountered interference during entrances that weren't associated with a rivalry. It a great game.
  10. I just replaced Akira with Alex Bless with a self-promotion promo and yet again it kicks me back to dashboard when I start the show. Has anyone also encountered this issue? The only way to resolve the issue is just simulating, regardless it needs to be fixed.
  11. I have, there is no option to turn entrances on or off.
  12. So this is a first, for some reason, I can't play the rivalry match I have set. It keeps freezing and kicking me out to Xbox Dashboard. Is this a game issue?
  13. When I say completely I mean not going through each match and toggling it to on. Is there an option somewhere to always keep them on or has that been removed?
  14. I just was navigating through and realized they got rid of the ranking system so I'm just wondering where do the VC Points you earn during online matches go?
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