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  1. I have had the game since it was released, and I have barely played it. Year after year, I took my time (like a lot of CAW makers) and improved upon my formula and process for making the Ultimate Warrior, and trying to create a base CAW so it could be share online and other people could change/ add attires if they downloaded it. I enjoyed all the great CAWs or wrestling legends from the past, each year they looked more authentic as the game improved. I took a pass on 2k20 cause of all the problems I saw. So I was really looking forward to this release. Seeing how the CAW mode has gone backwards, has pretty much removed my motivation to do anything with this game. I have no doubt there will be some CAW makers who do a great job on the CAW head, but most likely the body will leave a lot to be desired. I've compared my current progress, as I started to make an Ultimate Warrior CAW to my 2k19 version. No matter what I do, the body will be off. I'm not going to put in a lot of time and effort, to make a CAW I know will always be inferior. Good luck to all who try.
  2. I very much agree with this. All the air is let out of the balloon for me. It doesn't matter how good the face is, if the body looks lame and generic. Especially when I can compare CAWs from earlier versions and they look far, far better because of the customized body. You can actually make the proportions much closer to their real life counterparts. Creator freedom is missing. I can't believe how much of a waste this feels like. I went back to playing Madden 22, even though I was ready to be done playing it. The years of russian roullette with CAW mode is just dumb. If it wasn't for the infrequent crashing from using the hair glitch on 2k19, I think it's almost perfect for it's CAW mode. Screw all this other stuff and just put the focus on the CAW mode. Most creators just want to make their favorite wrestlers/ characters and play as them.
  3. Very disappointed with the limitations on making body types. I went back and looked at CAWs from 2K19 that I made and I downloaded from other creators. The body types are so generic for CAW. Just scaling their height up or down for their weight, doesn't change the proportions or definition on various body parts. I've purchased this game franchise every year from 2007-2019, (no 2K20 as I saw the awful videos online) . I've rarely ever written about these things, as I hardly ever even post over all the years I've been playing and purchasing the game. I think this might actually be the last time I ever purchase a game from this franchise. It's been 2 steps forward, and sometimes 2 steps back for years. I'm just tired of the dance. Unless they are able to patch in features to CAW mode, I don't see myself even playing this game very much, if at all. Good luck to all the great creators who are on this forum, trying to re-create your tremendous CAWs from previous versions of this game will be a complete uphill battle. As far as CAWs and the game goes, it peaked with 2K19. P.S. I hate the bandanna on Hogan's model. The model looks great the bandanna looks like some kind of puff hat sitting on his head.
  4. It appears that while the graphics are improved, the overall CAW mode is missing options from previous versions of 2K. It does not appear that we have the option to edit physical body parts, perhaps only choose body types. The weight is tied directly to the CAWs height. It also appears that there is still not an option to lengthen hairstyles, or combine styles as was a previous welcome glitch on 2K19. I see that some new features have been added for outfits, which is a nice edition for fans who enjoy those. Please post your thoughts and opinions as relates to CAW mode. I'd like to hear the feedback from this community on this specific part of the game. Thank you.
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