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  1. With the original map being in the game, Id be interested in a remake of RDR1 with RRD2s gameplay mechanics. Theyd just need to finish off the Mexican area thats already there in RDR2.
  2. 20 minutes into free roam and Im done. Started a stranger mission to deliver mail and got attacked by a posse. I couldnt retrieve the mail bag because it was around their location. I managed to kill two of them at one point and ran for the bag but got killed by a third member. By the time I respawned, they did too and it felt like Groundhog Day after 5 deaths. I stopped fighting to write this post and they got bored after a couple of more kills and left. By that time my quest timer had depleted and Im left in the middle of nowhere having to travel back to Blackwater to pick up a quest. Im not gonna blame the game though because its tailored for this kind of gameplay. Its just not what I wanna be doing.
  3. The character creation looks pretty decent from what Ive seen. Might have to try and do Buster Scruggs.
  4. Online beta starts tomorrow for Ultimate Edition owners and Wednesday for anybody that started playing on the 26th. Everybody else by Friday. Lets see if Ill play this longer than GTA Online.
  5. RDR and RDR2 both mention New York. They dont call it Liberty City so I doubt RDR and GTA exist in the same universe anyway. Just Easter eggs.
  6. I wouldve appreciated GTA Vs multiple character system in this game. Main missions and stranger missions still focused on Arthur of course but the ability to earn money for the camp and other activities playing as other characters wouldve been great. I never really did anything dastardly with Arthur because it didnt fit his character. The only criminal act (aside from main missions) I committed was accidentally stealing a guys horse when trying to get on my own. Micah wouldve been my go to guy if I wanted to do anything psychotic. Id do all my hunting playing as Charles and then switch to Uncle so he could get pissed in the saloon in Valentine.
  7. I just wanna help that poor bloke find Gavin.
  8. What the *Censored* do I do tonight? AC Origins? Super Mario Odyssey? Stranger Things? Shit, so much *censored*ing awesomeness and not enough time.
  9. If you like puzzle games, you should try The Talos Principle.
  10. Just about to start playing Stranger Things off the App Store. Its been made by Netflix to promote season 2. Looks like an 8-bit action adventure. *Censored* its not downloading for some reason.
  11. I think the widows son could be John Marston. The Native American says they need an extra gun and this game could show how he was recruited in to the gang. Edit Scratch that. Did Johns mum die giving birth to him?
  12. If I had female genitalia Id be soaking *censored*ing wet right now.
  13. No it wont be 128GB. Youd probably get away with a 32GB card but Im looking to the future. The thing is the Switch has 32 GB of memory with 8GB of that reserved for firmware. So theres only 24GB to store games. 2k could use the 32GB cartridge but I think they only used the 16GB cartridge for NBA 2K18 which meant Switch owners had to buy external memory to download the game. I think its gonna be the same situation for WWE. I dont know why Nintendo always release consoles with a limited storage size. Well, the obvious reason would've been to release the Switch at a reasonable price but I dont think a 32GB console is practical in 2017.
  14. Save for an SD card too. Im not entirely sure if you need one for WWE 2K18 but I think it will be a requirement if NBA 2K18 is anything to go by. I got an 128 GB card being delivered tomorrow.
  15. I'm creating a Lego Raw arena on that. Are you going through the worlds or just creating?
  16. Was tempted to get it today for PS4 but gonna wait for my Switch to come back from Nintendo. Should be back tomorrow so not that long of a wait. Anxiously waiting to see if my Zelda save is still intact though.
  17. The Talos Principle. Been thinking about buying it for over a year now and after playing it, I don't know why I waited so long.
  18. Randy 'The Ram' Robinson makes his shock return.
  19. Played the Prey demo last night. I enjoyed the story but the combat was shit.
  20. How the *Censored* has Would You Rather got a G certificate on Netflix? I looked up the G certificate afterwards and it says 'General Admittance - All ages admitted'. This can't be correct.
  21. I'm gonna wait to watch Frontier. I'll finish watching Taboo first. Taboo is much better and with them being a little similar by time period, I can't help but compare them and I question Frontier when I watch it.
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