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    Speaking of which, remember Damien Sandow's run as Mr. Money In The Bank?


    I remember him jumping in a river and losing to Cena. That's it.



    Hmm. Him losing at every turn, INCLUDING TO SANTINO MARELLA, on Raw and SmackDown. And his cash-in being the best showcase throughout his entire run.


    Oh yeah and that whole thing about Ziggler not being a favorite of Vince? Add Sandow in there.


  2. Didn't he say they only gave him the MITB cash in for the pop and had no plans for him moving forward, too?


    Oh yeah. And I also immediately thought of the end of Survivor Series 2014. To which I said, "that explains a whole lot."


  3. Mario Kart Wii. At first I didn't remember why I traded this game years ago......until I got to the Special Cup on 150cc.

    Balanced items? What's that? >__<


    Unlocked everything again though. Seriously, the unbalance with the items in this game is one that you have to see to believe. Mario Kart 7 and 8 are so much better than Wii when it comes to balance alone.


    Lol I've done similar shit. Think my problem is I never go back if I play another game in between.



    Same here. :lol:


    I literally had 2 of the most anticipated games of 2009, especially for me, for the PS3 and I couldn't find the time to play them both. Someone had to be sacrificed and inFamous was the one that did.


    Hey it worked out in the end 2 years later after the Sony hack and I got inFamous for free long after I finished everything on Arkham Asylum.


  5. I don't know how some people can play multiple games at a time. I'm strictly one at a time. Like until I'm done Horizon Dawn, that's the only game I'll play.


    Guess I'm weird...


    Nah, you just like to play one game at a time until you beat it. Nothing wrong with that.


    Unless you did what I did in 2009 and bought Batman: Arkham Asylum along with Infamous. That was a dumb move on my part. :lol:

  6. Legacy Collection just reminds me how much I suck at Mega Man.


    The only Mega Man game on their that should give you a hint of trouble is the first one.

    Other than that, everyone else is pretty easy. That's just me. I'm a big ass Mega Man fan by the way.



    In any event, Shadow Complex Remastered. One more trophy away from another platinum. I also hate games that require speed runs. Not a fan of those.


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